Pure Poyetry – Sunderland 2 Burnley 0; Electric, not shocking

Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox
Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox


John McCormick  writes: Setting this up on the Friday before the game I was wondering how we would do. I did think we’d win but I decided not to enter the “guess the score” rather than risk a jinx.

Did Gus also think we’d win? Did he decide to risk anything? You won’t find out from  his post-game e-mail, delivered personally to M Salut and maybe one or two others but you will find he’s looking forward, and that can’t be bad:

Dear Colin

It was very important to win today and I am very happy for the players and the fans.

During the first half we had that electric atmosphere and like I said before the game it was up to us.

Jake lets us know the  score
Jake lets us know the score

I don’t think we are in that moment to ask the fans, so the way we started and fought with such intensity was great.

We scored the first goal in a great manner and then Jermain [Defoe] scored and we went back to basics, so it was a good afternoon, and was much needed. I’m very pleased for everybody.

[On Defoe and Wickham] We’re looking for a partnership that is going to score goals and the movement and connection is also important. If they score they will have better chances; I’m very pleased for them both.

The minimum was to match the commitment and the fighting spirit of Burnley because without that it is impossible to beat them.

The defenders needed to defend and the strikers needed to score; on those terms we completed the challenge we set ourselves and that connection with the fans was back which was great

Now we need to make sure we go out and perform in the FA Cup and make sure we go through. Then we must go and get something at Swansea, before coming back to face QPR with that connection perfectly ready for another great week.

Thanks for your support,

Gus Poyet

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Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off
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5 thoughts on “Pure Poyetry – Sunderland 2 Burnley 0; Electric, not shocking”

  1. I’d not heard that phrase before. Very apt

    From wikipedia
    “The name derives from the common use of performing dogs and ponies as the main attractions of the events. Performances were generally held in open-air arenas…. that were too small or remote to attract larger, more elaborate performers or performances.”

    While the club is certainly not too small I’m sure many of the WAGs think it’s too remote ….

  2. Gus, as ever is very polite and to the point. As I listened to Radio Newcastle, in Kettering, I was nervous, even after Connor scored.
    Without Cattermole we have never done a lot. I think the line up seemed more balanced. More of a back four than against Fulham. I mean Man Utd are failing at 5-3-2 so we will never make it work. With Adam Johnson at inside right and Connor Wickham at Inside left. Jermain as striker. I like that pincer attack, Johnson and Wickham could swap sides at times to confuse defenders, and the wing backs we have are not too bad at all. I would stick with today’s system home and away. Maybe, against the big clubs when away, I would play more defensively.

    • Rob , speaking as someone who was there, it was a breath of fresh air compared to the 3-5-2 system that the players just couldn’t grasp . Who was meant to be marking who ? Who stands where ? It was rubbish and I’m glad Poyets had the guts to admit it wasn’t working , like last season and I hope he doesn’t try it again . He may have just saved he’s job and our season because the whole dog and pony show was going down the pan using that nonsense .

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