Bradford City vs Sunderland Guess the Score: cup glory or unwanted distraction?

Jake: 'are we the underdogs now?'
Jake: ‘are we the underdogs now?’

The lamentable collapse
against QPR puts an entirely different complexion on the 5th round FA Cup game at Valley Parade.

I am of the school that wants Sunderland to win every game we compete in, even if it is a meaningless end-of-season match and even if victory for us might save Newcastle skins. I fret about defeats in reserve and youth fixtures. I hate losing the Sunderland-themed Monopoly game.

But we are back under the cosh thanks to the gormless non-performance on Tuesday night. Would we a) settle for steaming onwards for another great day out at Wembley, and blow the league; b) go for both Wembley and survival, taking heart that getting there last season didn’t finish us off or c) quietly hope for a narrow Bradford win to allow Poyet & Co to concentrate on the more important battle?

On balance, and taking account of my own rule about always seeking wins, I will plump for b).

But whether you agree with me or not, have a go at guessing Sunday’s score.

It is not, after all, a rollover. While no one got close to predicting we’d roll over, so to speak, against QPR, I have kept to my word and awarded the mug to John Cobb, a Hoops fan who supplied a full set of answers for Who are You? after the original, seemingly very keen volunteer let us down.

Jake: It's a mug's game
Jake: It’s a mug’s game

So just one mug, supplied by our competition sponsors, Personalised Football Gifts. Bradford City supporters are warmly invited to enter and assured of a relevant design for any winner from that source.

The same WAY scenario may loom for this game. We found a terrific candidate who readily agreed to do the Q&A amd acknowledged receipt of the questions but has since fallen silent. We’ll see. Monsieur Salut has been known to panic unnecessarily before now.

And pending news on that, I will adopt my b) option – go for it, Gus – and offer the usual Ha’way the Lads.

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

24 thoughts on “Bradford City vs Sunderland Guess the Score: cup glory or unwanted distraction?”

  1. Having read many of your predicted scores it seems that you are treating playing Bradford in the same way that Arsenal, Aston Villa, Wigan and of course Chelsea fans did. Never mind previous games against Bradford those were in the days when Sunderland had some very good players. We are happy to welcome you to Valley Parade tomorrow where you may just learn what both Arsene and Jose know about this Bradford team!!

  2. I reckon we’ll come out galvanised and thrash them mercilessly. Our free-flowing, high pressing, game will be too much for them.

    Come Monday night’s draw there’ll be a few teams who’ll want to avoid us.

    Bantams 2 – 4 Us

    Gotta have a dream.

  3. Who knows with this bunch of crap!..Year after year of the same crap…Its about time we spent money on GOOD premier league players players and find a GOOD manager who knows what he’s doing….Bradford 2 Sunderland 6..the pitch should suit this bunch of losers more than Bradford…Trying to klf!

  4. The cups are never an unwanted distraction in my book . If all we ever had to look forward too was season after season of relegation battles without any hope of any success whatsoever ,we’d be even more downbeat than we already are . I’m looking forward to the game ( wish I could be there ) and excited if we’re still in the hat ,about the subsequent draw . The premiership isn’t everything and losing more than you win in all honesty is a drag , unfortunately in this day and age with the finances, membership in our case is a necessary evil .

  5. It all depends on which Sunderland turns up, will it be the “we are going to win” determined bunch, or the lethargic “all we have to do is turn up” bunch, like the ones who played against QPR. Unpredictable!!!

  6. Bantams 1 – 5 SAFC….Goal Glut……..if only it were possible, O’Sheas comments are a real concern as are Poyet’s team selections and tactics.

  7. 3 nil to Bradford. I really think that a walloping is probable.
    Tuesday was a real body blow and Bradford must be licking their chops.

      • In fairness, he has looked a better centre forward than either Wickham or Fletcher in the couple of cameo’s he has had recently. At least he can hold the ball up, which appears to beyond the wit of either of them. IMO Defoe would prefer him as a strike partner.

  8. Your right Bradford-Steve, I like your post & yes this is a very refreshing change from the usual footie forums. Can’t imagine one like it here in Leeds … haha.
    However it’s 1-0 Sunderland

  9. 3-1 has garnered me 2 mugs recently, so I hope you are correct Malcolm, but, like I said to Colin, I don’t think I’ll be posting any more correct 3-1 victories this season.

    Tuesday was exceptionally depressing and continued the listless, unimaginative performance in the second half at Swansea. This lack of fight, passion, pride, reminds me of the Mac******y era.


  10. I’m not sure it’ll be settled over 90 mins, a replay and possibly pens will most likely decide the outcome but i’m sticking my neck out with a 3-1 Sunderland win

  11. Bradford have nothing to lose and are confident following a good run of form (despite some very unlucky results in the league). The ground will be a full and the pitch is a leveler (not that Bradford can’t play on good pitches, a good pitch actually suits them). Sunderland have had a knock to confidence and some recent comments from Poyet and players sound like excuses before the game. I think Bradford will be a shock to a distracted (eye on relegation zone) Sunderland. Bradford play better football than the SU fans expect and will win 2-0. You guessed it I am a Bradford fan – good website this by the way. I hope it’s a great game whatever happens.

  12. 4-0 Sunderland. We always score 4 at Bradford.

    They need a confidence boost. Continuing the cup run will help with the league – remember the dire run after the Hull loss last year.

  13. I have decided to retire from GTS. How can anyone predict what that lot are going to do? However you might be interested in a piece I posted on Masochism (3). Makes my feelings on FA Cup or (the R word) quite clear.

  14. Agree, to hell with the bradford game, need to look to staying up, getting worried about injuries or sending’s off on sun that could put key player’s out.

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