Wrinkly Pete takes it from the top: love hurts

Peter Lynn: "i'm young, I know  but even so..."
Peter Lynn: “I’m young, I know
but even so…”

John McCormick writes: I see Smoggie has resurfaced. Well, all are welcome on this site and as long as they adhere to the rules of politeness, legality and decency they will be given space.

It’s not necessary for visitors to congratulate us for our four in a row or for better progress than our neighbours in cup tournaments, which is probably just as well. All they need to do is post a coherent statement. It would be helpful if they could use correct grammar and punctuation but we do accept a need to exercise some latitude. That said, we do expect people to refrain from punching horses while cogitating.

That’s enough from me, over to one of our stalwarts, Peter Lynn. Rather than try to mock, he takes a considered look at our position, which is far less fraught than some might suggest, and offers advice to those many thousands who, despite disappointment, still turn up, week in, week out:


Love Hurts

Whether you prefer the original version by The Everly Brothers or later ones which had more chart success – by Roy Orbison, Jim Capaldi or Nazareth, I am sure you know the lyrics of the song, written by Boudleaux and Bryant. Loving Sunderland is much the same:

“Any heart not tough or strong enough, To take a lot of pain, take a lot of pain”

So, what we Sunderland lovers are feeling at the moment explains the outflowing of fans’ comments across the websites and in the media.

In exactly the opposite way, after the Burnley home win, you could “hear a pin drop”. As we drove away from the ground Radio Newcastle commented “It’s always the same after a win, nobody rings in – but after a defeat……….”

“I really learned a lot, really learned a lot”

Well, actually we just got confirmation.

• Bridcutt, Gomez and Wickham have succeeded in the Championship – not yet in the Premier League.
• Van Arnholt needs help in his defensive duties.
• Larsson cannot be the lone midfielder who closes the opposition down.
• You cannot start any football match at any level without aggression.

“Some fools think
Of happiness, blissfulness, togetherness”

Well, we aren’t fools but of course we go to every game hoping for all three (and all three points!) and, knowing our wonderful fans we always get togetherness – except those that leave before the match has anywhere near ended!

“Some fools fool themselves, I guess”

Well, if you allowed yourself to think that all was fine after the Burnley, Fulham and Swansea games then you were guilty of fooling yourself.
By the same token, we are not relegated by virtue of losing to QPR.

We have a good manager who is making progress. Look at the chances we created against QPR. I have been to games at the Stadium of Light where we failed to create ANY chances. With a bit of luck, better finishing and lesser goalkeeping Tuesday night could have finished 5-3 to us – yes I do remember they hit the post!

“Love is just a lie made to make you blue”

Gus not only loves us but his job depends on our success which is why from time to time he says things he probably later wishes he hadn’t but I would rather have his passion and a few “faux pas” than the delusions of some members of his profession. So, he is not trying to make us blue. What he is trying to do is get a bunch of players to play to a system, at a level – consistently. It is no surprise that some of the squad cannot do it or cannot do it consistently. One thing is for sure though, those players will not be better for being booed – would you?

“Love hurts”

Yes it does but anyone who has been in love will tell you that true love is worth the occasional pain. If you truly love Sunderland, sing your hearts out for The Lads at the Baggies home game just like our away support does at every game.

Wrinkly Pete

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  1. Yes love hurts, but it also invigorates,inspires and instills hope and feeds the imagination to avoid the pain. Many poems and sonets have evolved from love, in the words of Tennyson ” to be loved is all I need, for those I love I love indeed” It is a two way emotion if it is to be successful. Love not returned is wasted love. Let the love come from all directions then we will suceed.

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