Bradford City vs SAFC Who are You?: fill in the gaps, Bantams!

Jake thought he had ways of making them talk
Jake thought he had ways of making them talk

These are not the finest hours of the Who are You? series. First a QPR fan let us down after promising to deliver, though other Hoops supporters made up for it when we ran the unanswered questions anyway. Now, the Bradford City-supporting Waterloo Road actor Tom Milner* goes AWOL after agreeing to be the candidate ahead of Sunday’s 5th round FA Cup tie. His responses may still come and would, in that event, be added. But as he was asked for replies by Wednesday, and has not been heard from since Monday, this may be a fanciful hope. No hard feelings – he undoubtedly has a good reason – but it does illustrate the frustrations of the series.

Same offer as for QPR is extended to other fans of the Bantams. Enter your own answers to one, more or all the questions in the Comments section below and we will come up with a prize for the best (it may not change your life a great deal but will be Bradford-related and be OK for drinking coffee from) …

Salut! Sunderland:
It seems an age since we were playing you in the Premier (2001?) and even what is now the Championship. How has life been for Bradford supporters in recent lean times (save for that heartwarming run to the League Cup final)?

Now, you stand on the fringe of the League One top six. Will you make the playoffs and would you, if promoted, prosper in the Championship?

And if not already dealt with, is Phil Parkinson the man to take you to the next level and keep you there?

Do you think our wretched defeat in midweek has any bearing on the cup tie?

The great link between our clubs is that Len Shackleton was a City supporter (though a Bradford PA player) who became a Sunderland legend. I recall a Chumbawamba song about him but how else is his name kept alive in Bradford?

Lesser links, but of topical importance, are Jordan Pickford – presumably ineligible to play against his parent club – and Jon Stead, fairly useless for us but famous again after his admirable exploits at Stamford Bridge. Your assessment of each?

You were not born when the disastrous fire broke out. Were any of your family or friends’ families caught up in it?

Jake: 'are we the underdogs now?'
Jake: ‘are we the underdogs now?’

I spotted a Facebook group called Supporting Bradford City Because You’re a Glory Hunting Bastard. An ironically philosophical acceptance of decline, or just a good gag?

What have been your own highs and lows as a supporter ( I think I can guess the high, at least until the game in question kicked off)?

And the best and worst players you’ve seen in Bradford colours?

Do you envy fans of the clubs with limitless funds to buy success or is there still a place for proper supporters remaining loyal to proper clubs?

Who in the current squad, beyond Stead, could cause us problems?

Any thoughts on Sunderland – the club, the fans, the city, region or Poyet?

I was there the night we sealed promotion with Niall Quinn scoring the winner and then going in goal when Sorensen was injured. Do you recall that or any other games between us for reasons good, bad or amusing?

And where do you think our two teams will finish in their respective leagues?

Bradford City vs SAFC: Guess the Score at

What single step should the football authorities take to improve the lot of ordinary supporters?

Is diving, along with other forms of cheating, so prevalent we may as well give up and chuck it into the coaching manuals? if not, how do we stamp it out?

Will you be at the game and what will be the score?

Tom Milner
Tom Milner
Tom Milner describes himself on Twitter as ‘British Actor, Musician. From Waterloo Road to Waterbabies, what is my obsession with water? Passionate Bradford City supporter. Ambassador for One In A Million.’

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

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