Keir’s Player Ratings and QPR Guess the Score

Jake: have your say on Keir's assessments , then guess tomorrow night's score
Jake: have your say on Keir’s assessments , then guess tomorrow night’s score

Apologies to all for pulling these two items together, a necessity given constraints on time between the two games, at Swansea on Saturday and at home to QPR tomorrow. Agree or disagree with Keir Bradwell’s man-by-man ratings from the 1-1 draw at the Liberty Stadium and then have a stab at the scoreline in tomorrow’s crucial game…

Pantilimon – 7

Made multiple excellent saves, especially in the first half, but should have done better for their equaliser. He also has a very confusing new song – which the three grown men in front of us kept mis-singing to the tune of that awful Mahna Mahna Muppets song. Throughout the whole game. Relentlessly. Not sure how this affects Pants’ score but nevertheless, if you’re reading this, people, STOP IT.

Reveillere – 6
Not as good as usual, but still a useful option to have down his right hand side.

O’Shea – 7
Captain Consistency.

Vergini – 7
Like O’Shea, but with a cool foreign name.

van Aanholt – 8
Again, one of our biggest attacking threats yet copes adequately in defence. Solid.

Bridcutt – 5
Can’t wait for Cattermole’s return. Abysmal in the air.

Gomez – 4

Captain Complacency.

Larsson – 6

Alvarez – 7
Started again (yes!) and didn’t have the same impact as he did at Fulham. Still, was more effective than Johnson.

Defoe – 8
Scored a cracking goal to make it 0-1. Still not sure if he’ll ever quite live up to the standards set by Jozy, though.

Graham – 7



Johnson – 6

A bit… slow.

Fletcher – 5

A bit… useless.

* Usual rules apply. “Terry” – who has won before – correctly guessed 1-1 for Swansea-SAFC so the new competition is for one mug only, as supplied by Personalised Football Gifts. QPR fans are very welcome to enter and a winner from that source would win a mug with an appropriately different design.

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    • I have now officially retired from GTS for this season. Probably the most abysmal prediction ever to grace (?) these pages. Oh, we’ll win 2-0 on Sunday.

  1. 3-1 to the lads.
    QPR haven’t picked up a point away from home so far this season. Hopefully this run will continue against us.

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