Pure Poyetry: QPR goalie’s better than our whole team (and we’re not up for challenges)

Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox
Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox


John McCormick  writes: I wrote an upbeat introduction to the weekend’s e-mail from the manager. Today, I can’t repeat the feat. I’ve travelled across Liverpool to lose a game of chess, which meant the team lost the match, and while taking solace at the bar and watching the final minutes of an apparently entertaining Liverpool v Spurs it transpired we’d once more self-destructed. How does our manager explain this? Let’s find out as M Salut shares with us the e-mail he received shortly after the game:

Dear Colin

It was a very strange game; we lost because of the way we played in the first 20 minutes.

Their second goal came right on the stroke of half time and we didn’t start well, they scored a good goal and we were unable to recover.

When we started going forward we made a lot of good chances but we took nothing from them and QPR capitalised. After that it was a big challenge.

Jake's reaction echoed Sixer's: 'why am I not surprised?
Jake’s reaction echoed Sixer’s: ‘why am I not surprised?

Today, 20 bad minutes, lots of missed chances plus their goalkeeper being man of the match resulted in defeat.

We did have a few good moments in the game, but we know if you have a bad start in the Barclays Premier League and concede the way we did then the rest is a consequence.

We need to make sure that it doesn’t happen again and that we are a better team in many ways.

Bradford is another game that is going to be difficult to play, we will need to adapt a lot and we need to be brave.

The big test is the week after when we play West Brom, that will be an important day for everyone and we need to make sure that we are all better than we were today.

Thanks for your support,

Gus Poyet

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6 thoughts on “Pure Poyetry: QPR goalie’s better than our whole team (and we’re not up for challenges)”

  1. I see from this mornings Echo Poyet says he doesnt know what he’s doing. If you lot had any sense you’d have gone after Pulis two years since but oh no it was Pulis sides don’t play attractive football and thats no good to us. Aye but they win a canny few games

    • Most of us would have gladly accepted Pulis, my choice was and is McClaren and I’ve always admired Big Sam . Trouble is from Shorts point of view they’re old school managers who want total control like O’Neill ,who now must be rolling he’s eyes in disbelief at first Di Canio and now Poyet . These two were most certainly not the fans choice by any stretch but we’ve gave them support , DiCanio went before we muitineed , Poyet looks like he won’t . But what do we know, according to Poyet , nothing . Well I know what rubbish is , I’ve watched it at home for nearly two seasons .

  2. This was abysmal , we joked about it gallows style before hand but did anyone truly believe this would happen ? I’m lost for words , we were played off the park by an injury raveged , manager less QPR with the worst away form in football . It doesn’t get much worse than this and is Poyet still the man to take us forward ?

    • Drummer, I for one was not remotely surprised.

      The answer to your question is ” no “. He was never the man to take us forward, and I think that becomes more obvious game by game.

      In truth we have a very poor set of players, led [ and I use that word advisedly ] by a hopeless coach/manager.

      He has had a year or so at the helm, and IMO we are worse now than when he arrived.

      QPR should have been there for the taking, but once again he got the selections and the game plan totally wrong. Unfortunately, that is an all too familiar scenario.

      • I certainly wouldn’t lose any sleep if he was given he’s cards and I’ve called for he’s head before . Our home record is reason enough for dismissal but if we’re going to part ways it needs to be soon . It’s stick or twist time but can we get anyone better in ? They’re out there but picking the right one is so problematic for us .

      • Agreed. We have missed out on decent people a few times.

        Allardyce was available when Bruce was appointed.

        Hughes was interested before taking Stoke.

        McClaren would have jumped at Sunderland.

        Lennon would have been a decent fit.

        I even think Moyes might have considered us rather than going to Spain.

        As you say, the trick is getting the right one. Mr Short hasn’t been very good at it so far. The next one is critical. Missing out on all that Sky money could be terminal?

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