You thought football had left the neanderthal age? See these Chelsea fans …

NB: what you see above is just an impression of the clip: since The Guardian has chosen to block access via YouTube to footage it should want the world to see, I will use the BBC link suggested by Phil in the comment below. See it at

The bad news is that this happened in 2015. Long after we fondly supposed such low-life primitives had found other outlets for their vile prejudice, a group of English “supporters” are caught on film preventing a black man from boarding a Metro train in Paris before the Chelsea game at PSG. They chant “we’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it”.

The good news is that French police should have not the slightest difficulty, perhaps with help from their counterparts at the Met, in identifying those concerned and bringing them to justice.

Chelsea FC has also promised to support action against them. Perhaps part of the rehabilitation process, preferably conducted while this unlovely mob serves a little time at the Fleury-Mérogis prison or similar, might involve requiring them to study and discuss photographs of the white, black and brown faces of the Chelsea squad.

The Guardian, which received the clip from a British expat, reports that it could lead to disciplinary action from Uefa against the club if it decides an incident away from the stadium is still within its remit.

The newspaper quotes the club as saying: “Such behaviour is abhorrent and has no place in football or society. We will support any criminal action against those involved, and should evidence point to involvement of Chelsea season-ticket holders or members the club will take the strongest possible action against them, including banning orders.”

* I liked this piece by Andy Lines, Chelsea supporter and cheif reporter of the Daily Mirror:


Who are these scum responsible for such a shocking incident? I am sure by the end of today decent Chelsea fans will have have named and shamed those responsible for such vile behaviour. Not only should these racist thugs be banned by the club but they should also be prosecuted by the appropriate French authorities.

Colin Randall

Jake: 'sometimes you just have to meddle in other people's business'
Jake: ‘sometimes you just have to meddle in other people’s business’

7 thoughts on “You thought football had left the neanderthal age? See these Chelsea fans …”

  1. Sadly , despite decades of education , campaigns and general outrage directed at perpetrators of this type of criminal offence it still occurs . Maybe they’re just thick and nothing will get through to them . Named and shamed followed by bannings and prosecutions may be the only way forward .In this particular case though I’m sure an ‘ interview ‘ with the Gendarmes would set them on the correct path !

  2. If anyone has the stomach for it, a Chelsea fan has come out of the woodwork with what – save for the context – would otherwise be an amusing defence of the indefensible.

    The chant was misunderstood, asserts Mitchell or Michell McCoy. It was to do with John Terry. Why non-racists would think of chanting about being racists and liking it that way, as a way of hailing JT’s famed humanity, is not wholly clear.

    What’s more, the assault on the black would-be passenger was not an assault but just Chelsea ‘supporters’ helping him off because the carriage was too full (do they ever travel on the rush-hour Tube?). They were, we’re assured, just as obnoxious – not Michell/Mitchell’s word; he’d say insistent – towards a woman who also tried to get on. Or maybe it was all because he was a PSG fan; he says that, too! And her. too? Was that an “and” the carriage as full or “it wasn’t really that full but he was PSG whatever she was”?

    Make allowances for our witness’s age – he claims not to have been involved at all – as he’s reportedly 17. I am not sure what else is to be said on his behalf. Maybe you can detect something – his meanderings are at–but-because-he-was-a-psg-fan-10053539.html

  3. The PL glitz provides a twist to the old adage, all that glitters is not gold. It is a small minority but these morons and inadequates are still around. I think it is imperative for Chelsea to punish them, even if there is no court case. Let them then prosecute Chelsea for slander or defamation, cowards that they are. Chelsea and Russian money? Sordid supporters (some, in any cases), sordid clubs operating in sordid competitions.

  4. Disgusting. I also heard racist remarks in Bradford on Sunday coming from small sections of Safc supporters outside and inside the ground. I was ashamed at times, especially with the Bradford support being so good.

  5. People will know who they are so they should be named, shamed and prosecuted.

    Apparently they were shouting about WW2. I would imaging that the grandparents or great grandparents of some of these scum may have fought during that conflict to oppose Hitler.

    It’s beyond disgusting.

  6. Terrible.

    The link to the video does not work but it can be found at:

    Hopefully they can be prosecuted but, unfortunately, the video does not show completely who pushed the gentleman, nor does it really identify the troglodytes as Chelsea fans. The bottom of a blue shirt can be seen under a jacket.

    Either way, a very poor image of English football “fans” abroad, which will be shown round the world.

    • They did chant Chelsea, too. I accept that is not 100 per cent conclusive but, all things considered, it would be surprising – though welcome – to learn they were anything other than purporting to support CFC

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