You thought football had left the neanderthal age? See these Chelsea fans …

NB: what you see above is just an impression of the clip: since The Guardian has chosen to block access via YouTube to footage it should want the world to see, I will use the BBC link suggested by Phil in the comment below. See it at

The bad news is that this happened in 2015. Long after we fondly supposed such low-life primitives had found other outlets for their vile prejudice, a group of English “supporters” are caught on film preventing a black man from boarding a Metro train in Paris before the Chelsea game at PSG. They chant “we’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it”.

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First John Terry – now Gillingham in the dock. What’s behind McCammon’s sacking?

Recent events such as the Luarez Suarez ban, the John Terry court case and subsequent FA charge, the Rio Ferdinand tweet, the Clarke Carlisle TV documentary, the successful prosecution of users of social networking sites and the sending home of a Swiss player from the Olympic tournament have highlighted the issue of racism in and around football. An employment tribunal has reached a verdict of unfair dismissal against a football club for sacking one of its players who cited racism as a reason. Gillingham’s chairman, Paul Scally, has vowed to fight the verdict, claiming his club are an equal opportunities employer and would never endorse racist behaviour. Jeremy Robson tackles this sensitive issue and, while approving the verdict, wonders whether business provided the true motivation for the club’s action …

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The John Terry case: good day for Chelsea, bad one for football

Pete looks on in disbelief at Wolves

At another place, Monsieur Salut wrote yesterday that he disliked John Terry, detested racism, loathed yob culture wherever it manifested itself (including Loftus Road) … but thought the case as brought against Terry was idiotic and should have been dealt with by the FA, which might have been less ready to give benefit of the doubt. Pete Sixsmith takes the argument further, with subtle differences …

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Steve Bruce and The Sun’s racism slur: ‘I found it obscene’

See the Salut! Sunderland posting “Steve Bruce, Racism And The Sun That Doesn’t Shine” for our original report of Bruce v Murdoch. This is the happy-again sequel …

I do not have the text of The Sun‘s apology to Steve Bruce – though I’ve asked if anyone at Ready To Go can help out – and I won’t pay overseas prices to buy the paper and find out for myself. But they’ve made the apology, and it has been accepted.

You may remember that Bruce considered suing, and the club banned the paper from press conferences and the stadium, after a headline above a report of Marcos Angeleri’s quotes, about suffering from not being English, suggested Bruce had been caught in his “second race storm”. The “first” had been the Darren Bent transfer saga prompting Gérard Houllier to say not being Englsh may have accounted for criticism of him.

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Steve Bruce, racism and The Sun that doesn’t shine: a solution

Honestly, I am not saying this just because he writes to me after every match, and sometimes between games, but Steve Bruce has every right to be furious with The Sun for its ridiculous treatment of Marcos Angeleri’s ‘ee no like me because I no Eeenglish quotes.

He, or the club on his behalf, has banned the paper from press conferences and the press box at the Stadium of Light. Bruce is considering suing for libel, or so I learn from the Sunderland Echo.

Again, all within his/their rights.

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Steve Bruce, racism and journalism for the hard-of-thinking

Image: The View from the Press Box

There are times when I rise up and defend my confrères in the press, and times when they make me despair. Today’s headlines about Steve Bruce being caught “in another race storm” make it a day for despair.

Getting on for 12 years ago, I saw Sunderland beat Watford 3-2 away in the first of Peter Reid’s seventh top seasons. SuperKev grabbed two of the goals, one of them having taken a massive deflection, and Gavin McCann the other.

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Darren Bent’s mum: an update on the “racial slur” incident


The media are reporting the arrest of a 26-year-old man from Chester-le-Street on suspicion of racially abusing Mrs Bent. He has been bailed pending further inquiries. No further comments can be accepted on this posting.

More details have emerged about the alleged racial taunt that caused such offence to Darren Bent’s mother, and therefore to her son. However, the reporting of the incident is inconsistent and in serious need of proper clarification …

Salut! Sunderland takes no pleasure in returning to the subject of the alleged racial slur that so outraged Darren Bent.

If a report in today’s Northern Echo is correct, then the location of the incident has moved. But it remains a matter of no less concern to what I am sure is the overwhelming majority of Sunderland fans.

Also, taking this account at face value, we can exclude any suggestion that Darren Bent’s mother misunderstood a fan’s accent or attempt at humour (which was suggested as a possible explanation in a comment posted here after our first report).

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Darren Bent: an apology

Even more depressing than the team’s after-the-Lord-Mayor’s-ball type of performance at Wigan was news that Darren Bent ‘s mother was racially abused at the DW stadium. And even more depressing than that, he says a Sunderland supporter was the culprit.

Bent vented his feelings in a message posted to his Twitter page after the game: “So we get beaten by Wigan and to make matters worse my mum gets racially abused by a Sunderland fan. I won’t stand for that.”

He apparently added for good measure that the offender “needs to hope I don’t find out his name or who he is”, and I don’t blame him.

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