Pure Poyetry: “Sunderland disappoint against Aston Villa”. Is that all, Gus?

John McCormick writes: I wouldn’t have been surprised if our manager’s post-match missive was a letter of resignation, that first half was so awful. Instead, Gus keeps it low key as he shares his thoughts with M Salut, and maybe one or two others. Or  perhaps not. Methinks there are other thoughts he’s keeping to himself…

Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox
Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox

Dear Colin,

I’m really disappointed and it’s a difficult result to take.

I just want to keep it simple today and analyse everything tomorrow.

We started well but then after conceding early we paid the price. We can talk about positioning and certain things but it’s too easy to criticise people, I’d rather not do that.

We were positive in the build-up to the game but after the two early goals the situation changed and it is overall a disappointing day.

We have to move forward now, we need to analyse certain things as it’s important for the future, you can’t just forget what has happened, we must learn from this and move on.

Thanks for your support,

Gus Poyet

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Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off
Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off

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10 thoughts on “Pure Poyetry: “Sunderland disappoint against Aston Villa”. Is that all, Gus?”

  1. We are waiting for miracles Keith because this mess has been allowed to fester for far too long. The fans in their thousands have been patient with this rubbish for far too long.

    Sadly it may be too late but the reality is that had Poyet been given the bullet at Christmas, then the new manager wouldn’t have had any money to spend. This club does not spend money on players any more. We are the 27th richest football club on earth but have spent less than anyone else in the league in the last two seasons.

    That’s why we have a team of Bosmans, Championship players, ne’erdowells and Championship garbage like Bridcutt, Graham and Bill Wuckley.

    There’s no heart and soul to this club any more. It’s all gone.

  2. My half time text to friends fortunate not to be at the game read ‘never been worse’. A day later my opinion hasn’t altered. At half time my friend said to me (we have over 100 years of combined experience watching the lads) ‘I wouldn’t know where to start trying to sort this mess out’. West Ham next week. Feels like I’m hoping for miracles to happen now.

  3. For those few left who are saying we can’t change manager again . How could anyone else be worse ? Keane in the stands , if only , untill the end of the season just to put a rocket up that bunch of pathetic , semi retired , never will be , embarrassments to the red and white stripes . The ultimate insult is that they’re not embarrassed though because they just don’t care . A aaargh !!

    • Ps those empty seats after half time must have Short sweating over the season ticket renewals to boot , another black mark against Poyet hopefully . If he’s still here for the next game we’re down . He’s not solely to blame of course , the whole set up stinks .

    • Peter Reid to recreate Premier Passions for 9 games. Stay up, give Reidy a big fat bonus, then start again.

      • Reid would be my choice too – until the end of the season. He knows the club. Doesn’t over-complicate things, and, above all, is a motivator.

        Give him a huge bonus based on results.

  4. “We need to analyse certain things”? I’ll analyse it for you Gustavo. Neither you nor that shower of sh*** you call a squad are up to the task!

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