Advochaat on Crystal Palace nightmare: how close does ‘very disappointing’ get?

Dick Advocaat, by Jake
Dick Advocaat, by Jake

To be fair, Dick Advocaat also admitted in his post-match e-mail to Monsieur Salut, most of the 40,000+ Sunderland fans there at kickoff and, I’m sure, the few hardy souls left at the end, that there could be no complaints. It was an utterly wretched non-performance, one to make us feel a trace of guilt at the possibility of others failing, too, and keeping us up …

Dear Colin,

It’s been a very disappointing afternoon, especially after the result last Sunday.

We played really well against Newcastle and we trained really well this week, so the expectations were there; but this game was completely different with a very disappointing outcome.

We worked hard in the first half, without playing well or creating any chances. Palace had lots of opportunities with their pace up front and we just couldn’t handle it. Then after 10 minutes of the second half we gave it away.

The first goal was the turning point but still it was only 1-0; then we gave away another two easy goals.

We can’t complain, there was not a single player that stood out. Now we must improve and we need to be ready when we play Stoke in 14 days’ time.

We have to think about this game, we can’t just ignore it. You can see that we’re missing things and we need to be a lot more physical.

We don’t have a game next week and other teams do, so we’ll know their results but we can’t think about that; we need to do what we need to.

There’s six games to go, starting with Stoke City next.

Thanks for your support,

Dick Advocaat

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  1. Smogboy…avnt Midlesboring got eny sites yu cud lavish you’re wit and wizdum on? Quit frankly yu ar becomeing a total pane in the arse, howhever bad we are at the moment we are still a division hier than yu lot down in Smogsvill. So du us al a favor and fuk of.

  2. Can I ask all readers to remember this is intended to be a civilised forum? Gratuitous bad language and personal insults are discouraged, however angry we may feel.

    • Why no, thats cause none of you lot have anything to laugh at. And if you didnt notice drummer the gaffer here pulled me up on how I spell so I was just asking why he doesnt pull anybody else up. I don’t care how anybody spells but he seems to. I just come on here for a bit of fun and to maybe say one or two things that people are thinking but never come out with. Funny how my name crops up sometimes when I havent been on here for a bit, like you miss me lol

      • Well I for one always enjoy your posts smoggie. As far as I’m concerned a little humour around our football obsession does no harm. I sense anyway that your teasing is well meant?

  3. Maybe so, I was never top of the class at English. I suppose you were. But while you’re busy picking at me why do you never say anything about other folks mistake like that chap Drummer when he always writes he’s when he means his. I suppose its cause he’s part of your brownie pack and I’m not

    • When do I pull you up on your spelling or anyone else for that matter Smoggie . What are you obsessed with a Sunderland site ? Have you nothing better to do , honestly? I bet none of us on here even look at Boro sites if they exist never mind comment on them you sad get . That’s if your not a mag in smog clothing which many on here suspect you are , either way sod off !

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