Hutch’s Patch: heroes against Newcastle to zeros against Crystal Palace

Jake: 'please tell me how that could happen'
Jake: ‘please tell me how that could happen’

Rob Hutchison shows commendable diligence after a gut-wrenching non-performance to offer his one- word player ratings with about 100 times more pace and application than Sunderland mustered all afternoon …

Rob: “heroes to zeros. Is it really about managers at Sunderland or what happens to professional footballers once they join us? Herein lies your answer.’

Pants – 4

Van Aanholt – 3

O’Shea -2

Vergini – 2 Rinsed

Jones – 3 Lacking

Cattermole – 3 Poor

Rodwell – 3 Rotten

Gomez – 3 Wretched

Fletcher -3

Wickham – 4 Goal

Defoe – 3 Quiet


Johnson – 4 Worked

Bridcutt – 4

And step forward the star ….

Pardew – 8 Mastermind

5 thoughts on “Hutch’s Patch: heroes against Newcastle to zeros against Crystal Palace”

  1. And when we do go down the biggest insult is the the team honestly couldn’t care less . A disgrace to their profesion and to the famous red n white stripes that so many have worn with pride in the past . We are run like a circus by a board with zero footballing knowledge and I’m still trying to work out who the clowns are . The muppets on the pitch or the tens of thousands like ourselves who pay good money to watch them . Good god , is there nothing we can do to rid ourselves of this shower of shite ?!!

  2. Someone should have called Interpol to see if they could find Rodwell by about half past three.

    In a diabolically bad performance such as that it’s perhaps more difficult to assign a rating to individuals, but there were exceptions to day

    Pantilimon – the biggest goalkeeper we have ever had and the softest (restraining myself from profanity here) individual I have ever seen in goal,

    O’Shea – career is well and truly over Johnny boy. An embarrassment

    Fletcher – read O’Shea

    This team will go down because that’s all they are deserving of.

  3. What did you expect from this bunch of not even championship players.A back 4 that is as slow as an old donkey,a non existant midfield and an attack that is as blund as my grandads pipe baccy knife…What a f*****g bunch of useless B******s.We are certs for going down,then we can get rid of as many of this shite as we can…but who wants them……Advocaat may well be a decent mananger,but not even GOD could save this lot.

  4. Why, on God’s green earth, does Rodwell get 3?! All he managed to do was get booked. Literally! That was it! No positive contribution! At all! Aaaargghhh! Fletcher! Aaaargghhh! Vergini! Aaaargghhh! Need I go on?

    • That was Rodwell’s only contribution, and to be honest we couldn’t have argued had he been sent off. Apparently “advocaat” is Dutch for “lawyer”, we should hire the finest available to free us from the obligation of having to employ this waste of a pair of boots for any longer.

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