Hutch’s Patch: Kirchhoff magnificent in defeat to Manchester City

Rob Hutchison:  one-word verdicts
Rob Hutchison: one-word verdicts

There may be no Soapbox report of the Manchester City match. Pete Sixsmith’s internet has been playing up and Salut! Sunderland‘s deputy editor, Malcolm Dawson, is sorting out car problems. Malcolm was encouraged by what he saw but feels there is too much to do in the remainong 14 games to ward off the threat of relegation.

Meanwhile Rob Hutchison, our master of the one-word, one-score ratings, is purring in defeat. ‘Best performance of the season with no cigar,’ he says. ‘New signings look just the part. With that XI we’ll be fine wherever we are next season’ …

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Hutch’s Patch: Watmore floors Stoke, nearly tops the lot in one-word verdicts

Rob: one word will suffice
Rob: one word will suffice

Rob Hutchison is quick off the mark with his one-word verdicts and marks out of 10 after the 2-0 win over Stoke City. Duncan Watmore’s his playing star but Big Sam collects an extra point for his tactical nous (Monsieur Salut agreed with Gary Bennett’s verdict: PVA was the man of the match).

Hutch says (referring to the Shawcross dismissal): ‘Never a red, but he should have gone in the first half so there can be no complaints can there? The great escape may have come early this season, one never knows.’

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Seagulls gather over the good ship Sunderland after collapse at Manchester United

Rob: 'wishing I was stuck in a desert'
Rob: ‘wishing I was stuck in a desert’

In Rob Hutchison‘s latest set of one-word verdicts, after the 2-0 defeat at Old Trafford, he deviates from custom and practice. Instead of a single word and mark per player, he offers a 13-word sentence (14 if you include FFS), presented as – you guessed – one word per player. Plus the mark, a depressing mix of 4s and 5s. Their star? Januzaj surely … Roger East? Off to the Northern League . . .

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