Hutch’s Patch: Watmore floors Stoke, nearly tops the lot in one-word verdicts

Rob: one word will suffice
Rob: one word will suffice

Rob Hutchison is quick off the mark with his one-word verdicts and marks out of 10 after the 2-0 win over Stoke City. Duncan Watmore’s his playing star but Big Sam collects an extra point for his tactical nous (Monsieur Salut agreed with Gary Bennett’s verdict: PVA was the man of the match).

Hutch says (referring to the Shawcross dismissal): ‘Never a red, but he should have gone in the first half so there can be no complaints can there? The great escape may have come early this season, one never knows.’

Pantillimon 6 consistent

PVA 7 rejuvenated

O’Shea 7 regimented

Coates 7 solid

Kaboul 7 strong

Yedlin 6 organised

Cattermole 6

Larsson 6 Seblike

M’Vila 6 composed

Fletcher 7 shift

Defoe 6 curtailed


Watmore 8 excellent

Lens 6 troublesome

Johnson 6 assisting

Bonus ratings

Mike Dean 4 plotfree

Big Sam 9 schemer

4 thoughts on “Hutch’s Patch: Watmore floors Stoke, nearly tops the lot in one-word verdicts”

  1. Pants save was outsanding.The subs made a big contrubtion today,Watmore was my MOM.Stoke looked solid and untroubled till he came on,when he started stretching their whole back 4.Very encouraging peformance,he got Shawcross sent off by making him make rash challenges.Scored a great goal too…one on ones that Defoe has missed earlier this season.Though I wouldnt be too harsh on Defoe overall.
    We missed Seb a bit in midfield when he went off I thought but Johnson made a bit of an impact when he came on.

    Happy day.

  2. Thought Fletch deserved more than 7 for the shift he put in and the stick he gave their defence. However, does he tend to go down too theatrically?I’d prefer him to try to stay on his feet and have a go at scoring

  3. Pants has done absolutely nothing wrong in both games this week. It could be argued he was worth 9 in both games but it always seems to be tough for a keeper to get good marks

  4. Pants’ save in the 32nd minute arguably won this game for us. Of course we don’t know how the game would have panned out had he not got his big body in the way of Walters’ point blank shot but surely that alone rates him more than a 6. His distribution is still crap though!

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