Seagulls gather over the good ship Sunderland after collapse at Manchester United

Rob: 'wishing I was stuck in a desert'
Rob: ‘wishing I was stuck in a desert’

In Rob Hutchison‘s latest set of one-word verdicts, after the 2-0 defeat at Old Trafford, he deviates from custom and practice. Instead of a single word and mark per player, he offers a 13-word sentence (14 if you include FFS), presented as – you guessed – one word per player. Plus the mark, a depressing mix of 4s and 5s. Their star? Januzaj surely … Roger East? Off to the Northern League . . .

Rob writes: You sense seagulls circling the trawler here, you really do …

Pantilimon – 5 It’s

PVA – 4

Brown – 5 Enough

JoS – 4 Going

Rev – 4

Johnson – 5 Old

Gomez – 5 Trafford

Larsson – 4 Without

Cattermole – 5 Hitting

Defoe – 5 The

Wickham – 5 Self


Vergini – 4 Destruct

Graham – 4 Button

Fletcher 4 FFS!

Away Support
– 10 Ten

Jake: 'i didn't expect much'
Jake: ‘i didn’t expect much’

7 thoughts on “Seagulls gather over the good ship Sunderland after collapse at Manchester United”

  1. For those who didn’t get it, despite the odd clue in the introduction, Rob’s one-worders read as follows when laid end to end: “It’s bad enough going to Old Trafford without hitting the self destruct button FFS.”

  2. Gomez = Trafford?

    I’m puzzled Rob.

    More Rusholme, I’d have thought but certainly no “Rusholme Ruffian.” Wasn’t that The Jones’s?

    No maybe not.

    Graham = Button (certainly not one of Cadbury’s).

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