Hutch’s Patch: post-Arsenal joy in The Land of the Rising Sunderland

Rob: 'what's Ha'way the Lads in Japanese?'
Rob: ‘what’s Ha’way the Lads in Japanese?’

Monsieur Salut writes:
is there anything wrong with milking this for all it;s worth? There is not. Even Hull, Mag, Leicester, Boro friends/family have been on to congratulate me as if I’d done Dick’s job for him.

Rob Hutchison, it will be remembered, supplied all those punchy one-word ratings until he scarpered off on holiday to Japan, under a wifely thumb rather than fearful of sticking around for the climax to the season. He woke up to some welcome news …

Time – 6.30am (UK time around 10.30pm). Location – Mitsui Garden Hotel in Hiroshima.

I had just woken up and knew the answer would lie in my phone. A point was all we needed against Arsenal and we were safe. Thanks to horrific holiday timing (I know I know. She who must be obeyed calls the odd shot in our house) I’m in Japan while we’re fighting for our lives.

I dare not look at it for some minutes. The holiday could have been severely soured until Sunday at least should we have suffered a reverse. I always felt we could pick something up from these last two games but now was a judgement moment.

Quietly I turned the little Samsung on, gently caressing the twitter button fearing waking up the guvnor only to find my timeline filled with joyous outpourings, celebratory carnage and copious Mag-baiting now in overdrive.

Had we won? No, but a point was the jackpot required for a manic silent celebration (you know, the ones you do trying not to wake sleeping toddlers) and instant joy mixed with utter relief.

For the second year running – [shurely shome misthtake, isn’t it three – Ed?] – we’d pulled away from the abyss with magnificent work ethics and a never say die attitude. Big Dick kept it up right to the end. Arigato Sunderland, I can now enjoy my holiday without fear of distress.

A little post script would be nice….Brucey boy, for once in your life let your Geordie roots blossom now yannow.

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Jake: 'he can write more than one word a sentence!'
Jake: ‘he can write more than one word a sentence!’

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  1. On Sunday we face one of those moments. One of those moments which is akin to your mother in law driving off a cliff top in your brand new car.

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