Danny Graham on the brightest, thickest, fastest, slowest, funniest and worst-dressed



More midsummer madness.

Safc.com has had some fun with quickfire Q+As, posting the resulting clips at YouTube.

Here – broadly speaking, not word-for word (some answers were slightly unclear) – is what Danny Graham, clearly speaking just after his deflected goal set Sunderland on the path to victory at Goodison, made of his questions. See the whole clip – you’ll hear his answers to a couple of other questions (best player played with, best advice given – neither answer Sunderland-related). He seems a decent lad …

Best match played in?

I have to say Everton – to get me first goal and win …at this stage of the season, I’d have to say Everton

Fastest player played with?

Nathan Dyer at Swansea. Absolutely rapid


Steve Fletcher by far, the slowest man I’ve ever seen


Costel Pantilimon, by far the worst gear in football


It’s got to be the flame top, the white one with flames up it. Embarrassing

Biggest joker?

For me Wes Brown, always joking around, always trying to get people’s spirits up

Most intelligent player played with?

At the club, I’d probably say Duncan Watmore. He’s doing a degree and he’s got his final exams coming up

Least intelligent?

Fletch again is up there … Connor, there’s a good few and I’d probably put myself in there, too

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    • Len Ashurst scored 4 goals for Sunderland in 400 plus appearances.

      One of his predecessors, Arthur Hudgell [ very good fullback in the 1950’s ] played in 260 league games and never scored.

    • I saw both those players score for us and Carsten Fredgaard, Rade Prica, Andy Gray and David Bellion.

      There must be others I can add to the litany of rubbish players we have signed over the years but those are the ones that immediately spring to mind and if I try looking up others it will only depress me.

      But I’ll come clean – I wasn’t at Everton to witness DG score his wonder goal.

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