SAFC v Norwich City Guess the Score: time to bounce back

Jake: 'soar up the table with a win, Lads'
Jake: ‘soar up the table with a win, Lads’

Nice and early again, here’s the second Guess the Score competition, with or without a prize, of the new season …

Amid all the gloom following our latest no-show, this time at Leicester where the consensus appears to be that we got two back only because City were by then cruising, there has at least been the excitement of the Great Sixer Debate (see the comments at, which can be summarised as Dan Tilley vs The World).

We all await Dan’s plucky comeback, but we await a Sunderland one rather more keenly. A win may not strictly speaking seem non-negotiable at this stage of the season, but a defeat or stuttering draw would drive a fair few of us to strong drink.

When City were last in the Premier, they beat us easily at Carrow Road and probably should have won the drawn game at the SoL – on their way down. We’ll need to improve on those performances as well as on the calamitous showing at the King Power Stadium.

The first 2015-2016 edition of Guess the Score failed to produce anyone pessimistic enough among our supporters, or sufficiently buoyant among the Leicester fans who entered, to select a 4-2 home win.

Can someone get it right about this coming Saturday? It may be for fun again, or it may be for a prize mug. Last season’s sponsors have not let us know but will probably do so this week.

As usual, the winner – of something or nothing – is the reader who is first to predict the correct score in the comments below, before kickoff. Norwich fans are naturally invited to take part (any prize heading to East Anglia would be suitably modified).

There will be no bonus awarded to the first reader who suggests M’Vila starts the game and picks up another red.

Ha’way the`Lads.

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M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

20 thoughts on “SAFC v Norwich City Guess the Score: time to bounce back”

  1. 2-1 to safc. Another complete stab in the dark. Wonder how many men we will end with if bot Catts & M’Vila start

  2. Having suffered laughing stock status from Leicester-based work colleagues all week (is it really only Tuesday?) and the mass media desire to see us “finally” go down this year – Sutton’s comments on Final score after 24 minutes, Murphy on MOTD later, even the Daily Mirror is taking the p*** today; my mood is hellish.

    I expect a drab game with 2 ineffective teams and no goals, if we keep a clean sheet I guess that will be seen by some as a bonus after last week’s disgraceful performance.

    The media will greet it with glee.

    • Don’t be suprised by the Mirror taking the P . They are now the official paper of the mags and feature ‘ exclusive ‘ interviews . Boycoutt !

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