Transfer deadline: the countdown begins. Follow developments here …

Jake the rebel
Jake the rebel

Who is still to come
and who may yet go? What will Sunderland’s squad look like come 6pm? Time will tell.

This is self-explanatory and comes from our friends at FootballFanCast, who inform us: “The circus has already started. Defoe’s dog walker’s girlfriend’s aunty has seen Bale in Manchester!”

It doesn’t work where I am (France) because of betting regulations so I must take it on trust – or accept what Salut! Sunderland colleagues and readers may tell me – that it works in the UK and elsewhere.

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4 thoughts on “Transfer deadline: the countdown begins. Follow developments here …”

  1. Now the window’s closed until January Dick has to work with who he has. Time for us to get behind the team and forget negativity.

    Ha’way the Lads.

    • We mustn’t forget reality, though. This is where Advocaat really proves what kind of a manager he is. No question that we’re all behind the team; that’s always been one of Sunderland’s strengths. Time now for the team – and Advocaat – to prove themselves worthy of that support.

  2. So barring the highly unlikely event of a delayed announcement,Edlin’s the only new defender on the books? He’s gonna feel like he’s carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

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