Hutch’s Patch: one word ratings after the Palace coup

Rob: one word will suffice
Rob: one word will suffice

Rob Hutchison is to the point. Or, after Monday, to three points if you prefer. In his one word summary you’ll find fulsome praise, for a change, and could his grades include a first perfect 10 for someone other than a referee?

Yes they could.

Who gets it? Read on:

Eagles were comprehensively Fat Sammed last night. Not pretty? Did we care? Pardew the plan B free zone we know he is.

Pants 7 focused

Pva 6 sharp

Jos 8 nails

Kaboul 9 everywhere

Coates 8 sound

Jones 6 combative

Catts 7 feisty

Seb 6 steady

M’Vila 6

Defoe 6 workrate

Beardo 6 diligent

Watmore 8 handful

Lens 7 lively

Graham 6 brief

Bonus ratings…..

Big Sam 10 perfection

CW 3 bless

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  1. Yeah, but he is a million times happier at Palace than at Sunderland because Pardew lets him do what he wants. Right!

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