Hutch’s Patch: one word ratings as Watford take the spoils

Malcolm Dawson writes….today was the second time I have set off for the Stadium of Light and not made it. The first was the last minute rained off game against Reading when I got as far as Herrington Burn before hearing the news that the game was off. Today I only got as far as Crook, when the inability of someone to cope with a bit of snow on the road up ahead, forced me to sit in the car for over an hour watching the time tick by until I knew that trying to make the game was futile. Well at least it spared me having to sit in my thermals growing ever more frustrated by our inability to get something from this game. Sam – I told you Billy Jones isn’t a centre back! Anyway Rob Hutchison did make it and gives his customary one word ratings below.

In his slightly longer summation of the game he states “A naive performance, awakening from our lethargic slumber far too late. Deserved a draw? I’m not so sure.”

Rob: one word will suffice
Rob: one word will suffice

Pants 7 excellent

PVA 5 usual
O Shea 5 stretched
Coates 6 persevered
Yedlin 4 worrysome
Jones 5 grafted

M’Vila 6 strong
Borini 4 tepid
Toivenan 5 ponderous

Watmore 5 ineffective
Fletcher 6 busy

Defoe 7 unfortunate
Johnson 6 insufficient
Rodwell 5 huffed

Big Sam 6 rumbled

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Jake: 'oh dear ...'
Jake: ‘oh dear …’

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