No show from Salut team at the SOL today.

My garden at 12.15.
My garden at 12.15.
Malcolm Dawson writes…..Pete Sixsmith is supposed to be ho ho hoing today. This time of year he dons the red and white on the Polar Express and in assorted grottos. It was up to me to step off the bench today and do the 7 and the Soapbox but fates have conspired against it. It’s not even kick off time and I’m back in my kitchen waiting for Gary Bennett and the rest of the Radio Newcastle team to bring me the match commentary.

11.45 – dive in the shower – grey but dry although snow is forecast for the afternoon. 12.15 the first snow of winter is falling. 12.20 set off for the Stadium of Light. 12.22 stuck behind the driver of a four wheel drive going at 5 MPH in 1st gear which set alarm bells ringing. 12.27 in Crook at foot of the hilly part of the A690. 12.59 – traffic has ground to a halt as someone who has tried to get up the hill at a snail’s pace gets stuck and then all traffic behind has to stop. No traction for stuck cars to get started. 13.30 still in same spot less than 2 miles from home. 13.45 finally some clear road ahead and when I eventually find some grip get to top of hill and take country road home. No traffic on the back roads and back in my kitchen before 2.00 pm.

My garden at 1.55pm
My garden at 1.55pm

So unless someone else has made it today and sends some stuff in, all the reaction you visit the site for will be third hand.


4 thoughts on “No show from Salut team at the SOL today.”

  1. Woefull first half , calamity goal from our point of view and they could have easily doubled their lead but for the woodwork which seemed to be our most effective player . We improved in that second half , Defoe who should have been in from the start was unlucky not to score on a couple of occasions . You could tell we would never score if we played untill next Christmas though and we’re now entrenched in the doo doo .

    • Maybe tomorrow – if someone can come up with some kind of match report?

      Did you see it on el Telly amigo? If so feel free to fill Sixer’s shoes.

      • I watched it on a stop/start internet stream, so I don’t feel qualified to fill Sixer’s Santa boots. It seemed like every time the stream froze, Rodwell was shooting, only to un-freeze 5 seconds later with Rodwell’s disappointed expression after he’d put it into row Z. Still, he did seem more involved today. One step forward two steps back seems to be the Sunderland way.

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