Swansea v SAFC Guess the Score: and two competitions produced one winner

Jake: 'anything Oxford can do ....'
Jake: ‘anything Oxford can do ….’

Monsieur Salut writes: this is indeed the Swansea City v Sunderland AFC Guess the Score. From this game onwards, temporarily at least, we revert to ‘for fun only’. We will still come up with competitions whenever sponsors appear on the scene and it goes without saying that any reader who knows a potential candidate/business should get in touch. And in the meantime, have a go anyway …

We asked you to Guess the Score in the Arsenal FA Cup match, with a prize at stake for the last time unless and until a new sponsor comes along to replace Personalised Football Gifts, who depart with our thanks for generous past support (see https://safc.blog/2016/01/the-salut-sunderland-3m-hits-competition-nearly-there/).

And before that we asked you to let us know what we are doing well, what we could do better and what we shouldn’t be doing at all at Salut! Sunderland. To mark last week’s milestone – the three millionth hit since the site was launched eight years ago – we persuaded another supplier, Classic Football Shirts, to come up with a prize for the best response.

We have a winner to announce. And without trace of a fix, the same reader has won both prizes.

Rob Hutchison, whose one-word matchday verdicts and ratings have neatly filled a hole on these pages, was pessimistic or just realistic about our chances at the Emirates. His 3-1 scoreline prediction was spot-on, of course, and he wins the last Personalised Football Gifts mug we’ll be offering.

But even before that game kicked off, his name had impressed itself upon Monsieur Salut as the winner of the 3m Hits competition. The deadline for entries was midnight on Friday so the decision, though unannounced until now, must stand. Rob is a voluntary contributor to this site but he is not a site editor and this was not a good reason to disqualify him.

Our desire to hear your thoughts on the good, bad and ugly aspects of Salut! Sunderland produced a great response, starting with the original posting by John McCormick in November, when the idea of a prize was in its embryonic stage.

Earlier this month, when the milestone was upon us and a little reminder was published at https://safc.blog/2016/01/a-mighty-thank-you-as-salut-sunderland-reaches-three-million/.

It was from that second item that the winner has been selected.

Rob wrote:

3 million hits, fantasic. By far the most cultured SAFC site there is. My only observation is the home page and header still looks a bit dated, and font refresh wouldn’t so any harm either. My two red & white nippers aged 17 & 19 respectively both mentioned the above so I thought I’d chuck it into the ring if it would help thoughts on the demographic.

He wins not because of the praise, appreciated though that is, but for the advice on how we might improve. In truth, that makes his “nippers” the real winners, with their old dad serving as proxy.

The prize is a £50 voucher towards any purchases at Classic Football Shirts.

They have a great range of Sunderland tops going back decades – including, it must be said at least one that should never been allowed to escape from a designer’s drawing board – so the remedy for Rob is clear.

He owes it to his son and daughter (I think I am right about that) to use the voucher and stump up the balance to ensure they each receive a top they can regard as a prize. They must not be expected to share one between them …

But that is a matter for the Hutch family. Over to them … and rest assured the simple but compelling suggestions will be acted upon. If we can also get rid of that hugely annoying error message you see at the top of the page – it has proved unexpectedly tricky to eliminate – so much the better.

Now, have a go at guessing whether Sunderland can come up with a second successive league win, the points from which would more than make up for disappointment at the Emirates and all the more so if followed by at least one more at White Hart Lane and the beating of Bournemouth in the next home game.

Ha’way the Lads.

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15 thoughts on “Swansea v SAFC Guess the Score: and two competitions produced one winner”

  1. After the Mags’ result tonight any win puts us above them again and just one point behind The Swans. A draw is not a disaster but makes the task of survival ever more difficult.

    Will the players be up for it? If they all have Catts’ attitude (and assuming he doesn’t get so hyped up he gets a red card) I can see us winning 3-0.

    But if we don’t get the right mental attitude from our lot I can see us losing 3-0. I’ll be an optimist and go for a 3-0 win to us.

    If I’m right I’ll drive up Weardale on Thursday and buy a mug!

  2. Hmmph! 3-2 win has gone but I think with Shelvy on his way to the Mags we can go even better and win 4-3!

  3. I have converted a quiet gentle Asian colleague into a safc fan, her family are Swansea fans. She is going go the match, her first live game, with them, and is excited about it, “secretly supporting Sunderland!”

    We will probably let her down, but I will go for 3-1 to the Lads, I hope we can start keeping clean sheets but can’t see it.

  4. Both out of the cup, but an away win will see Swansea suffering more than us this week. Swansea 0 Sunderland 2

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