The Salut! Sunderland 3m hits competition. Nearly there

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As one door closes, another opens. Personalised Football Gifts, the Weardale-based supplier of fine mugs to winners of our regular Guess the Score competition, has decided the time has come to end the arrangement. Quite simply, not enough readers followed links to their site so it is hardly a decision we can quarrel with. A winner of this week’s Arsenal v SAFC competition will still receive a mug. As a mark of appreciation of their sponsorship over the past couple of years, we have offered to keep the company’s ad on the site until the end of the season. Thanks to Ian, Hazel, Helen and, until his departure from the company, Alan, for all their support … and now let’s move on with Classic Football Shirts

The countdown has begun. As you read this, Salut! Sunderland‘s march towards three million hits is either on its last leg or, if you arrive later in the day, has already been completed.

In other words, we are (as I write) within hundreds rather than thousands of that total and the milestone is likely to be reached within hours.

Classic Football Shirts generously agreed to sponsor a little competition to mark the achievement and will provide a voucher worth £50 towards any of it products to the winner.

Rather than set a simple question (eg “what is the name of Sunderland’s ground?”) and hope for three million responses, it seemed a better idea to renew the invitation to readers for views on what is good and what is bad about this site.

There have been lots of really helpful replies, in the original posting on this topic as we neared 3m – – and the other day at

Contributors and fellow-editors at Salut! Sunderland have offered some thoughts privately and these, too, provide real food for thought about what we ought to be doing to improve the look and performance of the site.

Entries – ie comments – will be considered up to midnight on Friday UK time wherever they are posted, here or at the earlier posting or even at Facebook. Monsieur Salut will then make an arbitrary decision on the best or most helpful to have been received. The winner, who will not be one of those closely linked to the running of the site, shall receive the £50 voucher and the knowledge that his or her suggestion will be acted upon.

But please, at least have a look at what Classic Football Shirts have to offer and remember that when you help them, you also help Salut! Sunderland make ends meet.

The advertisement you see in this posting will later today become a fixture in the column to the right and will benefit this site if it leads to orders. Who knows? It might even conjure a spot of well-deserved beer money for Sixer and Jake.

And if anyone knows of a business that might be interested in becoming the new sponsor of Guess the Score – however modest the prizes – tell them to get in touch at

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