SA’s Essay: moving up but still down after Southampton result

Malcolm Dawson writes……as if to prove the point I made after the Palace game on Tuesday Southampton’s last gasp equaliser leaves us all deflated. Like Fabio Borini’s equaliser in midweek this came as the match was drawing to a close but whereas on Tuesday there was enough time to create a bit of excitement as we pushed for a winner, this was even later leaving neither team enough time to do anything but line up for the restart. I would have taken a point pre-match but after taking the lead against ten men, with only five minutes of normal time left this is another two points dropped – not a point gained. Big Sam, like the rest of us is disappointed as he tells M Salut and others in his post match e-mail.

Jake's take on Big Sam
Jake’s take on Big Sam


Dear Colin,

I think the dejection amongst us all is clear. It was important to see the game out but we conceded the goal with 30 seconds left.
We should have taken three points here today which would have made life easier for us.

Because we’ve thrown two points away we have increased the pressure on ourselves again by not achieving that clean sheet. With having no game next week, when we would have played Everton, if we’d have got three points today we would have had that gap to look after.

But we allowed Southampton to score a goal which really should have been prevented given the number of players we had defending the box. We didn’t have the composure to keep the ball in the opposition’s half, get in the corners and see the game out. We didn’t do that and paid a heavy price.

I was delighted with the number of clear-cut chances we created, apart from the fact we could have finished them better. We got the one goal with Southampton down to 10 men, but one goal has not been enough for us since I’ve been here.

I’ve seen enough [to show that we will survive] but not the results that the performances should have given us. It’s frustrating, but we hope that our performances will give us the victories we will need.

Thanks for your support,

Sam Allardyce

Jake: 'bother!' (that wasn't  the word he used)
Jake: ‘bother!’ (that wasn’t the word he used)

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5 thoughts on “SA’s Essay: moving up but still down after Southampton result”

  1. I had this down as a Lose. Whilst we still survive. And I agree. We should 100% have won, the John O’Shea inclusion gave away 2 points, it was Sam’s fault. I think we will win against Newcastle (unless they suddenly change the manager). But that and the away game to Norwich we 100% need to win.

  2. Am I the only one whose heart sank when Allardyce made that stoppage time substitution? It was unnecessary, we were doing alright, and that may have been the slight tweak that upset our balance just enough to allow us to concede.

    • I agree. Own goal by Sam I fear. You don’t decide to defend deep in the closing minutes against 10 men. The Saints had nothing to lose. 2-0 is no worse than 1-0, so they will throw men forward. We should have been using the extra man to stretch the play, not invite them to attack.

      • Also agree. Taking off Kirchhoff was as mistake, just like it was putting him on at Spurs. We would have been better off trying to play the game in their half. We look a better side playing higher up the pitch. If the intention was to take time off the clock, Toivonen for Rodwell would have made more sense.

  3. After a nightmare week off the pitch when everything about the club has been dissected in the full glare of the media, i foolishly allowed myself to think that on the pitch at least we’d get something to genuinely cheer about . This was with a minute of injury time left to go against ten men . The dissapointment I feel at the minute is worse than any recent defeat I can remember . I’m just sickened by the whole thing and I appreciate the good performance and effort the lads put in via Gary Bennets expert summary .The last minute equaliser was the straw that broke the back for me . Time to recover before the mags game at least ,though they’ll probably have a competent manager in place by then .

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