Sunderland’s Fans Museum breaks more ground

From the new set of Fans Museum photos shown at
From the new set of Fans Museum photos shown at the Salut! Sunderland Facebook group pages. If the couple shown identify themselves, Monsieur Salut will send a mug and they can keep it or donate it to the museum

While we wait and hope for the right kind of Manchester City to turn up at SJP tonight, let us hear more from Michael Ganley on his admirable Fans Museum project. Michael has just posted some terrific new photographs at the Salut! Sunderland Facebook group as well as announcing a new corporate sponsor. You need a Facebook account to see all the photos – and really should join the group if you haven’t already – at

David Lynch, new corporate parnner : 'another great signing,' says Michael
David Lynch, new corporate parnner : ‘another great signing,’ says Michael


Well what can I say, what a great start of the week we are having.

We were asked to display a couple of items belonging to Peter Scott, a fan who has passed away – so many thanks to his brother Tom for the donation – and feel so honoured to be held in such high esteem by Sunderland fans.

The “Mr Tennick” family was in attendance and for those who don’t know the name, Mr (John) Tennick was a legend among fans for his extraordinary work as travel officer of the Sunderland supporters association.

Hugh and Ernie, at a guess

But then we met another old favourite, Ernie Jones, supporter who has reached the grand old age of 100, along with his partner in mischief Hugh Fletcher.

Then there was Mr Moore, attending to drop off his son’s 1973 scrapbooks. Again, we can all appreciate the memories these hold for families, but it is so nice of them to donate them.

Salut! Sunderland’s own Pete Sixsmith, off to Whitby “for fish and chips and football” as Monsieur Salut writes, is planning to take a peek at the museum next week. His thoughts on the visit – and that promised review of another SAFC fan Pete Lashley’s new CD – are eagerly awaited.

Fans museum
Fans museum

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2 thoughts on “Sunderland’s Fans Museum breaks more ground”

  1. I have some SAFC memorabilia that I would like to sell for a fair price to a Black Cats fan in NZ. I’m heading overseas and downsizing and cannot hold on to it any longer.

    If any of your members would be interested, they can call me (in NZ on 021791525) to discuss or email me and I can send photos or a description of the lot – shirts, programmes, badges, ALS etc.

    Russ (formerly of Billingham, now of Foxton NZ)

  2. I have a few bits and pieces of SAFC memorabilia that might interest you, as I think they may be quite rare. I have a programme of a friendly match between SAFC and Juventus (Milan) – that its quite priceless in in itself and also the signatures of the whole team which played an international eleven in the same period (date unknown) on SAFc headed notepaper.

    Do get in touch if you are interested in these items with Raymond Cuthbertson on my e-mail address supplied

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