Incontinent? Not us

Peter Lynn, with something for the weekend
Peter Lynn, with something for the weekend

Pete Lynn, AKA Wrinkly Pete, has just popped us an e-mail. Brief and to the point, with a title that might be inspired bysomeone else’s season going down the pan, here it is in its entirity:

Incontinent? Not us.

OK, maybe a senior moment caused the typo. Whatever, it is not only great to celebrate our latest great escape but quite a relief when you read the latest incompetence results for the season as published by The Guardian.

Can you imagine how our misery at being relegated would have been compounded by discovering that only the two Manchester clubs, Leicester and Southampton were more competent than us?

Read the full results at

The Premier League teams’ ineptitude index 2015-16

Bring on the party at Watford!

Jake: 'let's party'
Jake: ‘let’s party’

Wrinkly Pete

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1 thought on “Incontinent? Not us”

  1. Food for thought this Pete. As the author of the article points out ,with our lack of ineptitude we shouldn’t have been fighting a relegation battle again . We were spectacularly bad at the start of the season , 12 points from 19 games and we were getting rolled over . Big Sams influence and signings slowly turned that around untill in the last third of the season we were playing like a top 10 team . Using the form guide from the last 6 games we’re 3rd with a possibilty of 2nd after the last game . We’ve had a slow burner of a season that’s reached the boil just in time but that stands us in good stead for the next one . Looking back at the ineptitude table , its no wonder that West Brom fans arn’t happy , what a stinker !

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