Watford v Sunderland: Guess the Score that no longer matters too much

Jake: 'let's party'
Jake: ‘let’s party’

For one last time
this season, Guess the Score.

It might have mattered a great deal. It no longer does except for the very good reason that the massive travelling support, and the massive home support when it comes to it, richly deserve the added fillip of ending the season in style/

Usual rules. Tell me and the world what you reckon the score will be. Be the first to get it right – whoever you support and, now that we’re safe, whatever outcome you predict – and Monsieur Salut will add another mug to those he already owes Wrinkly Pete and PhilD for correctly guessing 3-2 and 3-0 vs Chelsea and Everton respectively. You must have a UK delivery address to qualify for the prize.

The classic 'dressing room' mug. An Everton fan could be the recipient of a mug (with suitably modified design), but only if correct and first with a winning scoreline for Sunderland
The classic 'dressing room' mug. A Watford fan could be the recipient of a mug (with suitably modified design), but only if correct and first with the scoreline

It’s out of my own pocket again so feel free to get it wrong.

But Ha’way the Lads. Get us above 40 points to make the earlier part of the season seem like a bad dream.

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

27 thoughts on “Watford v Sunderland: Guess the Score that no longer matters too much”

  1. Well Eric012 messed that up for me, but as I am feeling generous, I will go S’land 5 Watford 3.
    Who cares, we are a Premiership club!

  2. The only score I can’t see is 0 – 0. No chance of that but that’s my attempt at winning t’cup.

  3. The only time I had the correct score, my entry spent an age being moderated and someone got in before me !
    Here’s hoping for a perfect 0:1 in our favour.

  4. If what we’re hearing is true and Sam intends to look at some of the young lads then I’m right behind him. We need to be looking forward not back. A win would be nice but the result is irrelevant. Watford 2 Sunderland 2. Mags 0 Spurs 3.

    • Good point about Big Sam playing a few of the ressies, or U-21s as they are now known. I read that yesterday but, at 6 am here in Mexico, I was too sleepy to think of that.
      Big Sam might consider starting with the whippet that is Watmore.

      • I think he will and Pickford. Expect Greenwood to feature at some point. Also I think he will have spoken to Larsson, Lens and Toivonen about whether they buy into his philosophy and are prepared to be squad players rather than starters next year. If they are then I expect them to feature too. If they are absent then they will be players he is looking to get rid of.

        Toivonen is only on loan anyway, but I have been impressed with his positive comments on social media regarding our wins, even when he hasn’t been on the bench. If he said he wanted to stay I wouldn’t be too surprised if he was offered a contract though it’s not something I would put money on. I’d be less surprised to see Lens go.

  5. A comfortable 3-0 win for The Lads, assuming they haven’t been on the pop celebrating avoiding relegation.

    I hadn’t realised I had won a mug previously! Too busy celebrating beating Chelsea. I woke my wife up with the shouting, even though I was trying to be quiet.

    • P.S. I just checked. I didn’t win the mug. I only predicted 2-0 against Everton. Not optimistic enough?

      You built up my hopes, only to dash them. Sounds like many people´s thoughts about Sunderland in August compared to May. Hopelessly optimistic at the start of the season, only for reality to set in well before the end.

      Never mind 🙂

  6. Oh, Bill H., you rotter. I was going to have that – for a change!!!!!!!!!! Instead, now knowing that Sam is (quite rightly) giving some U21s a game, I will say 4-4. Eric, are you keeping count of how much we owe Unicef and Help for Heroes?

    • Current scores on the doors reads: A tenner for your marvellous (and unexpected) correct prediction v Chelsea. A sixer for our 3 goals. 2 measly quid for their (lack of) effort. Total 18 quid. On to Everton and a sixer for our 3 goals. Total therefore is now £24 (can our pensions stand it)? plus hopefully a decent amount from Watford. Eric012

      • Great! Suggest I give my total to Unicef as I have their details and you do same for Help for Heroes. OK?

      • Pete, if it’s OK (due to the vast amount) I will make 2 separate donations: 1 H4H. 2 SAFC Foundation.

      • Exactly! Thanks for your support Pete. I’ll be sorting my commitments out today. Have a great summer and we’ll do it again next year!

      • Yes but don’t do it for the whole season! I am a pensioner after all which is why I am wrinkly!!!!!!!!

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