It’s official – David Moyes takes the reins

Jake gets arty and scary when Moyes was our nemesis. Can he now do to others what he once did to us?
Jake got arty and scary when Moyes was our nemesis. Can he now do to others what he once did to us?

Deputy Editor Malcolm Dawson writes: and the second worst kept secret in English football over the past few weeks at last is confirmed. Ex Everton, Man Utd and Real Sociedad boss David Moyes is quickly installed in the hot seat at the SoL. No doubt we will be doing a more in depth piece at some point but this hastily added offering will at least give you somewhere to post your thoughts as the Lads head to Rotherham.

In its official statement I thought it telling that Ellis Short got in a little dig by revealing that Moyes was the target ahead of Sam (and others) but that he was unable to be appointed in order to honour other commitments.

But the new manager did generously give Allardyce credit for what he brought to the club.

Time to move on. Now let’s get some new faces in Moysey and at least one familiar one.

And you, the reader, can have a say – as some started to do even before being asked – on what we should call Moyes’s post-match e-mails. We’ve had Bruce’s Banter (happily no need to drag it out again for a second stint), Martin’s Musings, Le Parole di Paolo, Pure Poyetry and the wonderful Advochaat and SA’s Essays. Come up with some equivalent magic … there may even be a Salut! Sunderland prize mug in it for you.

17 thoughts on “It’s official – David Moyes takes the reins”

  1. Moyes made over 550 league appearances in his career before becoming a coach at Preston, working his way up to assistant manager before eventually taking over as manager in 1998. His first game in charge was against Fulham at Goodison Park . Everton won the game 2–1, with David Unsworth scoring after just 30 seconds.

  2. As it’s an e mail and with a nod to what we now have to call answerphone messages, what about “Moyes’ Mail”

  3. When we win, “Moyes’ Joy”, when we draw “Moyes Is Coy”, when we lose “Moyes Hoys His Toys (out of the pram)”.

    I don’t expect to win this competition.

  4. A sledgehammer of an innuendo but, indeed, let’s move on.
    Good appointment and should build on Allardyce’s
    good work.

  5. I’ll get in quick with the title for the letter:
    Moyes Muses (sounds rather familiar)
    David Deliberates

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