Manchester City v Sunderland Guess the Score: can we ruin Pep’s debut?

 Our designer Jake's on the ball for the big kickoff
Our designer Jake’s on the ball for the big kickoff

Another opening day looms and, by the skin of our teeth, Sunderland kick off a 10th successive season in the Premier League.

The new manager’s post-match e-mails will be given the title of Moyes on the Boys, a clear winner in the recent poll and suggested by a reader signing himself as JEL.

Will it be the Boys minus King Kone? As I write, it is looking grim but inconclusive. I tweeted that SAFC supporters had a right to expect our new manager to be fighting tooth and nail to keep him but if this Northern Echo report is to be believed, that may not be the case.

If we do lose perhaps the best centre back seen in Sunderland colours since Dave Watson, it will be a huge setback and the so far elusive inward business had better be good (though we must hope Moyes has found a gem in Papy Djilobodji).

As for the match at City, we’ll start with a prize Guess the Score – the usual mug, design to suit the allegiance of the winner (in other words, City fans are welcome to enter).

Few neutrals, and perhaps not that many SAFC fans, would give us much chance of upsetting Pep Guardiola on his Premier League debut. But who knows? We have had a good preseason despite the wretched disruption caused by the FA’s long drawn-out pursuit Big Sam and, er, Citeh might just need time to click.

Have a go whatever you feel. Unless we find a sponsor, prize editions of Guess the Score will be rare but it seemed right to dig into the piggy bank for the opener.

Ha’way the Lads …

Colin Randall

17 thoughts on “Manchester City v Sunderland Guess the Score: can we ruin Pep’s debut?”

  1. A month, or so, ago I was confident that we’d win by 2-0, or more.

    I was expecting, though, M’Vila to be back on board, as well as Yedlin and a couple of new, quality, additions.

    Instead, we will go into the game without the two I named, as well as there being a huge question mark hanging over Koné.

    However, we are a team that now rarely loses – only one defeat in the past 11 PL games (17 in total) so I still fancy us to get something from the game.

    I’ll go for the same score as Mike Sixsmith 1-1, but still hoping for more!

  2. Moyes said he was promised a transfer budget when he accepted the job but it looks like he has been told that he will have to go to the Poundshop rather than John Lewis. Even then it looks as if Martin Bain has to try and negotiate a discount at the checkout.

    Meanwhile City and the like wander rounds Harrods picking up whatever they fancy. Kone I think might be in the side on Saturday but I expect him to play against us on September 12th.

    No idea what will happen on Saturday but I think doom and gloom is more understandable than not. After the high that we all felt at the end of last season how has this been allowed to happen?

  3. Nice to see the merchants of doom and gloom predicting defeat, I’m sure there will be many more throughout the season. Not me though. As bullish as ever, I would like to enter 2-1 to US as my mug winner. However, if Wrinkly Pete were to predict 3-2 I think he may win. Onwards and upwards.

  4. 2-0 to the boys in (pale) blue.

    We always (used to) win one-nil.

    A tough start for Moyes and his boys.

    I am over in Sunderland but, yet again, the first match is away and I can’t stay for the next one.

  5. 3-1 to Citeh…..sorry but Gabrielle was wrong…. Dreams don’t come true…..nothing like a 90s reference to bring the young’ns to the site

    • I made a “League of Gentlemen” reference to a couple of twenty somethings last night and was met with blank stares. Talk about feeling old!

  6. Moyes on the boys wins OK.
    I don’t think we will be on first name terms with this manager
    In the near future.
    Strong possibility that O’Shea will play on Saturday.
    Moyes noises looks better now.
    Still .I’m not bitter.
    4 nil.

  7. Moyes manages magnificent Mackems in manchester mayhem – sneaks first Sundeland win 1-0 with dodgy decision

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