Sunderland v West Bromwich Albion Guess the Score: let action replace words

Jake: 'restore our faith, Lads'
Jake: ‘restore our faith, Lads’

Hands up anyone who is looking forward to Saturday.

In fact, there’ll be plenty. Support, loyalty, passion often transcend the lack of serious expectation. David Moyes and his team have made an abysmal start to the season, the sort that gets managers sacked in panic reaction from owners.

Ellis Short has to stick with him, or at least that is how it seems just now, in the hope that it’s all a blip, that the side will suddenly gel into an effective, competitive outfit.

It had better happen soon. Even Stoke and West Ham, after shipping even more goals than us, have two and three times more points respectively (not difficult since we have only one).

I can no longer bear to read the forced optimism of players pushed forward to speak for the Lads as a whole. It is time for such empty words to be replaced by positive action on the field.

Support a great cause: Bradley Lowery

If we cannot beat WBA, we probably do not deserve any better than bottom place. That is not to disrespect the Baggies but to state the obvious: we don’t win against good or half-decent sides so we have to take points from those in midtable and below if we are not to have yet another wretched end-of-season frenzy.

Whoever you feel is to blame – the manager for his selections and tactics, senior players for their woeful failings, the FA, Short – your duty and mine should be clear: to get behind the Lads for the sake of our club, our heritage as Sunderland supporters. For many, that means yelling encouragement in the stands. For others among us, we have to make do with shouting at a television or computer screen or at Barnes and Benno’s radio commentary.

The winner gets glory - and a prize
The winner gets glory – and a prize

Have a go at Guess the Score. The prize mug was not won in the Palace game so carries forward. Albion fans are warmly invited to take part – the design for a Baggies winner would be changed accordingly – and everyone is asked to return later in the week for what promises to be a fascinating Who are You? interview.

Usual rules – be first to post the correct scoreline before kickoff and have a UK delivery address for your prize.

Ha’way the Lads.

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M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

15 thoughts on “Sunderland v West Bromwich Albion Guess the Score: let action replace words”

  1. I’d go 2-1 (Defoe and Kone and we can’t keep a clean sheet) but William’s got that. So I’ll say 3-1 with Anichebe getting his bum in the way of a wild effort from Khazri.

    I’m not mug eligible so this score is available

  2. Last match, at 2-0, both Sunderland and I were looking good for a win. I wanted the lads to shut up shop and keep it tight at the back. Our two goal lead didn’t last very long.

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