Tottenham Hotspur v Sunderland. Guess the score, and maybe win a mug

Jake: 'the doubt has currently been removed - defo no prize'

John McCormick writes: At the start of the year I was at White Hart Lane, subbing for Sixer. I saw Jordan Pickford and the Hoff make their Premier League debuts, some six foot backs crowding Jermain Defoe out of the game and some soft goals after PVA put us in front.

The final score was 4-1, which I don’t think anyone predicted.

he cost us nowt, you know
cost us nowt, you know
Will there be a repeat? We still have Pickford, the Hoff, PVA and Jermain Defoe but also a host of new players, not to mention a new manager, while Spurs still have Harry Kane, who scored from the spot after Danny Rose was fouled, but not Moussa Dembele, who also scored last January.

hero to villain last time at Spurs
hero to villain last time at Spurs
What a tempter for any Spurs fan
What a tempter for any Spurs fan

Spurs, it must be said, have not made a bad start to the season and Harry Kane could be coming back into form after scoring against Stoke City. After seeing the Everton result on Monday I’ve no doubt they’ll be smacking their lips in anticipation.

Which begs the question

“Will Spurs continue a fine run of form next Sunday?”

Now’s your chance to have your say in our usual “predict the score” competition.

I do believe there is an mug on offer for this game, given that no-one correctly predicted Lukaku’s  romp, but I must add the caveat that M Salut has the right to countermand me.

Of course, a mug is nothing compared to the fame of not only getting it right but also getting it right first. After all, how much glory can any person need?

Sam cocked it up at Spurs last time. What will happen on Sunday?
Sam cocked it up last time. What will happen on Sunday?

Predictions, indeed any posts, from first-time contributors are held for moderation but we will know when they were sent.  The only stipulation is that any winner needs to be able to provide a UK address for postage.

And, if it should happen that a Spurs supporter comes up with the correct score M Salut assures me any mug that might be available would be suitably amended.

So let’s keep the faith and see who comes up trumps.

Over to you. Be brave, be positive, be a winner!

16 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur v Sunderland. Guess the score, and maybe win a mug”

  1. Buoyed by the success of predicting the Everton score correctly (3) but slightly miffed that The Lads forgot to join in with their 3, I will still stick with 3-3.

    • pete

      I got both the Man City and Middlesbro scores correct too. Trouble was my two 2-1’s were for the wrong teams.

  2. Provided we are allowed stoppages in play to allow the back 5 to read translations into Mackem/Dutch/Ivorian/Gabonian (!?) etc., I must share every SAFC fans’ fears for another humiliation.

    So that’ll be 2-1 to the Lads.

    If we can tempt John Kay and Joe Bolton out of retirement…

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