Tottenham Hotspur v Sunderland. Guess the score, and maybe win a mug

Jake: 'the doubt has currently been removed - defo no prize'

John McCormick writes: At the start of the year I was at White Hart Lane, subbing for Sixer. I saw Jordan Pickford and the Hoff make their Premier League debuts, some six foot backs crowding Jermain Defoe out of the game and some soft goals after PVA put us in front.

The final score was 4-1, which I don’t think anyone predicted.

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Wrinkly Pete, and why he hates the loan system

Peter Lynn: What does he think of N'Doye?
Peter Lynn: I wonder what he think of N’Doye?

John McCormick writes: Another cup weekend means we can take a break from the “Guess the score” and “Who are you” features which signal our build up to games. We have a chance to look at some other aspects of our club and of football in general.

Which brings me to Wrinkly Pete and a thought producing opinion on the loan system. It was written before we beat Man United. I wonder if that game will have made Pete want to add Dame N’Doye to the list.

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Sunderland’s season Observed: from bright hopes to barely hanging on


Pete Sixsmith has been more selective in the season that ends today, especially with London away games and ripoff ticket prices. He still got to most matches – including White Hart Lane this afternoon – and, as often happens, The Observer came calling for his appraisal of what he had witnessed, asking him to award marks out of 10 and nominate the season’s best this and that. All before today’s game, of course. Pete wil be back to round off our own series of end-of-season reviews …

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The Tottenham Hotspur Who are You?: ‘Danny, Danny Goes; Arsenal sneak fourth’

Jake needs to know ...
Jake needs to know …

Hardly the words Sunderland fans want to hear. Not the dreary north London bragging rights – life’s so much more exciting at the bottom – but we want Danny, Danny Rose to see his future with Sunderland and Spurs to let him move. Our final “Who are You?” candidate of the season, the Tottenham-supporting writer Dan Fitch*, founder and owner of TottenhamBlog (“the Spurs news site that expects the worst and is rarely disappointed”) wants him back and hints that Andre Villas-Boas does, too …

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Salut’s Week: Rose wants out of Spurs, Steed scores in France


Jake’s way of looking back on a Salut! week

Stephen Goldsmith writes: I was slightly confused when I was asked this morning if I had done the Salut! Sunderland’s week review.The requisition e-mail was always there as it happens, but akin to an opportunity for Titus Bramble to clear the ball sufficiently in the danger area, it must have passed me by.  There may be more on Bramble next week in Salut! Reflections, as the gaffer’s (Martin O’Neill, not Colin Randall) newly found confidence in the player is either some sort of delusional utterance or a genius method of motivation. Saturday will begin the judgement of which.

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