Moyes on the Boys at West Ham: ‘harsh’ – and he’s not kidding

Moyes On The Boys

John McCormick writes: If that had been us scoring the goal would have been disallowed. No ifs, buts or maybes. It shows just how much the Gods of football have taken against us in recent years and it makes me think, despite my optimistic nature and the presence of Hull, Boro (got to give them credit today) and Burnley (if Boro get credit what do they get?) that this could be the season we go down.
But maybe not. I know nowt about football and for an informed opinion I have to peek over M Salut’s shoulder as he opens the letter written exclusively for him (and maybe one or two others) and couriered across London at vast expense:

Dear Colin,

It was a very harsh way to lose a game.
I was pleased with a lot of what the players did today. It was always going to be a tough game – West Ham have some good players.

Jake: 'FFS'
Jake: ‘FFS’

We struggled for the first 20 to 30 minutes, but after that we did quite well and created some chances ourselves.
We’re very disappointed to lose the game.
I’ve looked at the goal back and I’ve confirmed to the referee that we believe it was offside. The referee believes it was not offside.
I thought we competed and did quite well.We are disappointed, the players worked so hard and we’ve dropped a point in the end.
We had some big chances to score ourselves and we wanted to build some confidence.

Thanks for your support,

5 thoughts on “Moyes on the Boys at West Ham: ‘harsh’ – and he’s not kidding”

  1. Two crap teams served up a load of crap that registered about 9.9 on the crap-ometer. I hope our great away support enjoyed their first outing to a crap football ground that would make a canny athletics stadium but otherwise is quite crap. We did better than in recent weeks but in the end were undone by a crap non-decision by a a crap linesman. At full time I bet the team were feeling crap, I know I was.

  2. Offside is neither here nor there, there players were interfering, officials are clueless when it comes to this basic law.

    But, as soon as I saw neebody covering the short corner, I thought….. “shit”.

    So that’s another couple of hundred quid down the drain, but, nah, not really, enjoyed seeing Khazri more like his old self, and Kone.

    And west ham fans must be kidding if they think their team is anything but championship bound. They deserved nowt.

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