Duncan Watmore’s challenge: score a (winning) goal like this against Hull City

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All season, many of us have watched in admiration some of Duncan Watmore’s approach play, his tenacity and his sheer enthusiasm only to be disappointed, as he clearly is, by the lack of end product.

That wasted final ball, the missed opportunity to shoot, the tendency to run a shade too far or let the ball roll beyond him – each of these has happened in games and a bright lad like Watmore did not need Monsieur Salut to tell him so.

So just click on the clip above and savour a moment of finesse he produced in an England Under 21 game.

The defender is beaten by Watmore’s pacy run, the keeper advances and our man chips the ball exquisitely over his head.

Jermain Defoe's superstrike vs the Mags
Jermain Defoe’s superstrike vs the Mags; a choice of prints like this – from our kind sponsors at the Art of Football – is the prize in our SAFC v Hull City Guess the Score competition

It was a goal that reinforced belief in this talented young player. It deserved to be a matchwinner. Sadly France won the game 3-2. So it was personal high for Watmore but not for the team, though this was the first defeat in 16 games for the Under 21s.

All that remains is for him to start scoring a few goals like that for Sunderland and to end up on the winning side often enough to get us out of trouble. Easy or what?

Matt's cherished (by M Salut) cartoon, as adapted by Jake
Matt’s cherished (by M Salut) cartoon, as adapted by Jake

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  1. Duncan is an incredibly hard working, enthusiastic, and tenacious player. But at PL he must start looking up, and [ above all, learn when to pass ] because, too often he puts his side under needless pressure by carrying the ball too far, and failing to spot team mates in better positions.

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