Sunderland vs Southend Guess the Score. Serve up another win against the Shrimpers

Maybe yes, maybe no

Should I offer a prize for the SAFC vs Southend United Guess the Score? Monsieur Salut asks himself the question and cannot decide. The prizeless Donny edition still attracted a healthy enough batch of entries and I am not yet recovered from my bout of skintness, a feeling many readers will know.

I think I shall keep you guessing, not only on the score in Saturday’s game against the Shrimpers but on whether the winner will get a mug.

If the game goes well for us, I may well relent; if we lose or only draw, only a mug should expect a gift in the post. That should serve as a tip for any Southend fan minded to enter: you’re most welcome but go for a home win scoreline if you actually want even a chance of winning a prize. Life can be unfair.

This will be M Salut’s debut at a Sunderland game this season. It’s just as well we have Pete Sixsmith and Malcolm Dawson, respectively star writer and deputy editor, at so many games, with associate editor John McCormick getting to as many as he can.

My first visit to the SoL last season brought a home win, against Fulham, so I don’t always bring bad luck. Thanks to Martin Emmerson, I also met Nick Barnes and Gary Bennett at half time and that was an added pleasure.

Half time in the commentary box

I envy Pete Sixsmith’s experience of the 2018-19 season so far. After all he’s put up with in recent years, an experience mitigated only by those exciting late dashes for survival, he deserves the treat of seeing the team win regularly.

As a regular absentee, following the Lads’ fortunes from afar, I probably deserve nothing. But I’d love to see a win all the same…

H’way the Lads.

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* NB: if – and only if – Monsieur Salut decided he can stump up enough for a prize, be first to post the correct scoreline, have a UK delivery address and be prepared to wait until he gets around to ordering it.

19 thoughts on “Sunderland vs Southend Guess the Score. Serve up another win against the Shrimpers”

  1. You’ve swiped my prediction! At least the mug will go to a Malcolm! I’ll buy you one if you’re right. It’ll have to be 6 – 1 from me then.

  2. I think 3-2 hasn’t gone so that will do me

    Sinclair, Honeyman, Gooch, in that order,
    2-0 at half time,
    Shrimpers bring it back to 2-2 thanks to a bizarre og and a penalty before we put it to bed.

    1 red card

    If that all comes up I deserve a mug

  3. The eternal optimist says I will go nap another clean sheet and they are not frightened to play at home now 5-0 to the lads

  4. I am an Essex boy who lived in South Shields as a lad in the sixties and forged my Sunderland alliance. However my first live attendances were at roots hall so I have soft spot for the shrimpers. I am attending on Saturday with my sister and her husband who are stalwart Southend fans. Last time this happened, in the championship under Steve Bruce we won 4-0. Why not again? It’s time we really stuffed someone. Last one was Scunthorpe!
    Given their current good run I think Southend might nick one so I’m going for 5-1.

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