Salut! Sunderland – Have you a tale to tell?


In the lead up to Christmas the Salut! Sunderland advent calendar will be up and running every day up to and including the big day itself. No not the game at Fratton Park! Our series will go beyond that, finishing on the 25th December.

The idea is that on each day one of the Salut! team will come up with a memorable moment in their Sunderland supporting life and by opening the door of our advent calendar you will be taken to the article.

But anyone is welcome to share their own memories as long as they have some sort of link to the lads or lasses in red and white. Even supporters of other teams who have a Sunderland related anecdote can submit something.

This may be a game, a goal, a place you were on the day of a particular game, someone you once met, a favourite player etc. etc. It needs to be between 200 and 300 words long and it would be nice, though not essential, if you would allow us to publish your name.

Send your contributions via e-mail to and we’ll have a look at it.

We’ll publish any we deem suitable but can’t promise it will go up, so any rogue Magpies need not bother reminding us about Kevin Nolan’s chicken dance or the time you went to see Gateshead against Barnet (in preference to going to Sid James’ Park to see Leicester City) and celebrating the goal fest that was taking place at St Mary’s. I know it happened because I was there.

Our own Pete Sixsmith brings us the first instalment tomorrow.






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