The Port Vale vs Sunderland Guess the Score. Let’s keep up that winning feeling

Jake: ‘the road to Wembley looks longer than in previous years’

Oh, the shame of playing in the FA Cup first round. That’s one way of looking at Sunday’s visit to Port Vale. Another is to be philosophical about the chance to test players’ fitness, give lesser-used squad members some game time and maintain the great recent run for Sunderland AFC.

Vale fans are excited about the draw, the prospect of seeing high-flying opposition in a full stadium. Our Who are You? interviewee has talked of the match promising to be “a cracker against a team who were only playing in the Premier League a couple of years ago and, despite being in League One, are one of the biggest clubs in the country”.

We are still in Just for Fun mode. No prize will be awarded to the reader who correctly predicts the outcome of this game. It’s hard to feel too sorry for Chris Boyle, who rightly went for a 2-0 win at Plymouth, as he already has problems finding storage space for the prize mugs he’s won in the past.

But the entry for Plymouth was healthy enough so have another go. Most of us probably want very much to win while seeing the FA Cup as of secondary importance to staying in an automatic promotion place. Vale fans are heartily invited to take part.

Ha’way the Lads.

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14 thoughts on “The Port Vale vs Sunderland Guess the Score. Let’s keep up that winning feeling”

  1. The eternal optimist says it depends on the team and how many changes keep the defence the same , tinker with the midfield and forward line won’t be easy for us but go nap with 5-0 to the lads

  2. It has to be 7-1 to the lads.

    My best mate down here in Staffordshire is a Vale fan and I am sick of him going on about Tony Naylor and that defeat 20 years ago!

    Just to underline travel advice for our fans, the M6 is a nightmare for 40 miles north of Stoke/Burslem, best to go via the M1/A500, if you are travelling down the West and cant avoid the M6 then get off it as soon as you see signs for Macclesfield or Congleton and go through them via A34.

    Best pubs….avoid Burslem…Stoke and Hanley are only a few miles away:

    Stoke – The Glebe, great beers and decent food, it’s beside Stoke town hall and only a couple of hundred yards from the train station.

    The White Star – a bit farther on from the Glebe, ditto beers.

    Hanley – The Coachmakers arms – Tiny rooms and very CAMRA, outside toilet too. No food.

    The Unicorn – Small, you can take food in, great beers and friendly staff.

  3. Port Vale 1 – 3 Sunderland, No mug but another comfortable win although we do concede, but its the Cup so that’s alright. I was just having the trophy cabinet enlarged as well!!!

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