Salut! Sunderland advent calendar door 25. Merry Christmas one and all

Christmas Day should have brought us to the final day of our advent calendar but the Grinch in the ether, did not allow the site to function properly until it was almost time for the midnight chimes. Hopefully, although it was too late to stop us looking like pumpkins, the genies of the internet have granted us our wish to get the site up and running – almost but not quite normally and if you were quick you could have gone through door 25 on the 25th, but not if you live in one of those time zones to the East of GMT.

But Boxing Day was traditionally the day when alms boxes would have been opened and their contents distributed to the poor of the parish, so maybe it is not totally inappropriate that our final door can at last be opened by all on the 26th.

No prizes for guessing which event the Christmas Day bumper contribution remembers but our contributors, Jeanette Sutton, Peter Lynn, Bill Taylor and Paul Dobson have their own individual reasons for remembering that occasion. Clicking on door 25 will finally take you there and once you have read their memories, should you want more this link will direct you to a series that Salut! Sunderland ran a few years back.

And if by any chance you have missed any of the earlier contributions they can be accessed by clicking on the relevant door but for now may all at Salut! Sunderland wish you a very merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

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