Salut! Sunderland crisis hopefully over. Merry Christmas everyone.

Sixer: ‘oh well, back to the day job’

Malcolm Dawson writes….if you have been trying to access Salut! Sunderland over the festive period you will be aware that we have been having difficulties, but fingers crossed that we aren’t tempting fate, it appears our Fairy Godmother has got things up and running again. Unfortunately it looks as if we might have lost a few comments that came in after the Portsmouth game but hopefully we won’t have lost any more visitors. Initial looks would suggest we are almost back to normal. (As I’m writing this I discover that comments do not appear to be visible on the site, though they are recorded on the editing dashboard but now further investigation suggests only one comment is possible before the reply box disappears!)

Just as well as we enter a busy period with three games in seven days. You will find the usual, Who Are You?, Guess the Score and First Time Ever series are back, as well as Rate the Ref, Sixer’s Sevens and Soapboxes after the game.

With so many postings not readily available since the weekend here are some links to those you may have missed.

Christmas Eve advent calendar

It’s A Wonderful League – A Story for Christmas Eve

Bradford City – Guess the Score – still time to enter up until kick off and even if you cannot see your comment it will be recorded but as stated above it appears only one comment is being accepted before the reply box disappears! 

Christmas Day advent calendar

At some point too we will repost Sixer’s Substitute’s Soapbox from the Portsmouth game.

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