Salut! Sunderland says “bah humbug we are back but having to work at Christmas”

UPDATE: Since posting this in the wee small hours of Xmas Eve there seems to be other issues and only this front page is visible at present. We are assured the service providers are working on the issue – please bear with us it really is beyond our control.

Deputy Editor Malcolm Dawson writes….regular visitors will know that we have been having problems with our website lately. We don’t fully understand why but it’s possible that it was to do with an update to the way we upload postings and whether the host server was unable to process the updates but it’s all a bit beyond me.

Anyway M. Salut has had to bite the bullet and bring in some outside help and we now have access again BUT at a cost both financially and in terms of lost content. The site has been restored to something like it was at 6.30 am on 20th December. We will endeavour to repost as much of the lost content as we can whilst continuing to add new content but bear with us please.

It couldn’t really have come at a worse time but hey who wants to go to bed early on Christmas Eve anyway!?

And despite all that may we still wish – A Very Merry Christmas to all our visitors.

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