Sunderland vs Shrewsbury Guess the Score: make it two in a row

At a busy period for Sunderland and therefore Salut! Sunderland, postings may appear out of natural sequence.

Pete Sixsmith’s full report on the 1-0 win over Bradford City, including his thoughts on the disallowed City “equaliser”, will be published later.

For now, premature as it may seem, let us get on with other business by inviting entries for the latest Guess the Score competition: Shrewsbury at home on Saturday.

There will not be 46,000 present again but the Stadium of Light should still expect a big crowd for the second of successive really-ought-to-win home games.

Luton’s away win on Boxing Day limited the benefit to us of Portsmouth’s defeat, but we remain for the moment masters our own destiny since full points from our two games in hand would put us top.

The Bradford CIty Guess the Score was conducted at our Facebook group page because of the problems that crippled this site over Christmas. Edward Watson correctly forecast 1-0..

Incidentally, the group is open to all at and as I write, stands four short of 800 members.

Have a go. We offer the usual prize of a mug for a SAFC-supporting winner (Edward’s will be in the post once he lets me know which names he wishes to appear on the shirts shown). Something suitable would be found for a Shrewsbury fan or neutral.

The winner must have a UK delivery address (times are hard enough without having to pay overseas postage rates) and Monsieur Salut’s decision is final.

Ha’way the Lads.

Enter the prize Guess the Score – whoever you support

15 thoughts on “Sunderland vs Shrewsbury Guess the Score: make it two in a row”

  1. I couldn’t get my prediction in for Boxing Day as I am not a Facebook person. I would have gone for fower nowt so nowt lost eh. SAFC 4 Salopians 0 and a step closer to the summit.

  2. Predicting the starting XI might be interesting. I’ll go for McLaughlin, O’Nien, Flanagan, Baldwin,James, Power, Cattermole, Honeyman, Maguire, McGeady, Maja.

    There can only be one score – six nil.

    Maja, Maguire, Flanagan, Power, Wyke and og.

    Four goals in the Roker End before half time.

    Two in the last ten minutes.

    • We won’t see this side, but I think it could be a winning team this afternoon.

      McLaughlin, Flanagan, Baldwin, Bainbridge, Power, McGeouch (or Catts), Watmore, Maguire, Maja, Wyke, MacGeady in a 3-2-3-2 fluid formation.

      Power and McGeouch would sit in front of the back three, with Watmore and McGeady as wing backs and Maguire making a nuisance of himself behind Wyke and Maja.

      With a fully fit squad, JR has a lot of options. While another centre back and right back might be useful additions next month, I don’t really feel we need any new faces as long as we don’t lose Maja. Bainbridge is ready imo and O’Nien has shown he can cover Matthews. Strycek is good enough to cover McLaughlin so if a buyer can be found for Ruiter and with James and a fit Denver Hume at left back, if someone comes in for Oviedo there will be money in the pot to tie down Maja, Gooch and Strycek on longer deals.

  3. Hey the eternal optimist says it’s about time we had lady luck on our side and she was definitely with us yesterday on that basis it’s a definite 5 – 0 to the lads for me on Saturday

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