Rate the ref: Sunderland v Luton Town

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    • Which makes 33% of the red cards given against us this year judged to be given wrongly.

      The Loovens one was dubious but not worthy of an appeal as he was injured anyway and would have been unable to play anyway, so there was no point. Personally I think there was a good chance it might have been overturned which would have made 50%.

      The first Max Power sending off was 50/50 at best but it was deemed that there was not enough evidence to reverse the decision.

      We’ve had two sendings off for indiscipline, which the club and the players themselves can correct.

      Though I admit we all make mistakes, errors from officials can be costly, not just because we are deprived of a player for a period of the match but the effect it has on a player’s approach to the game. Max Power has been much more cautious since the Walsall game and though he hasn’t really looked like doing anything stupid has looked a lesser player because of it.

  1. I think you will find from tv that the Luton goal was a penalty. The forward’s heel was clipped as he went to shoot,the Luton centre forward was sent off for violent play with his elbow. Maguire was sent off for standing on McCormack’s chest, the goalie did touch the ball for a corner when it hit the bar and Maguire was at fault preceding the penalty when he could have moved the ball on before losing it.

    It should be noticed that we have had six sendings off of which one so far has been overturned.

    Are all refs wrong? It’s time to look at the players’ attitude as these incidents are costing us valuable points. I have never seen a ref kick anyone in all my time following football.

    • Nobody is saying the ref is the reason we didn’t win the game.

      The ref didn’t direct Wyke’s header over the bar when he had a clear chance. The ref didn’t force Maguire into conceding possession shortly before the pen, though he might have blown for a foul if he’d been consistent and it was McLaughlin not Probert who made three excellent saves. And Luton played well.

      But that doesn’t mean the referee wasn’t poor. He was awful in this game.

      • Spot on Malcolm.
        Over the 90 minutes a draw was probably fair but the ref was appalling. The Luton fans felt exactly the same about him as we did, which kind of says it all.
        In response to the specifics.
        Penalty – hardly touched and if that is what it was for then there should have been 5 others and also it was then a very long advantage!
        Luton elbow – to me the sending off one looked accidental and the booking one looked deliberate – not sure how the second could possibly be a yellow
        Maguire – looked at the video and it doesn’t look like a stamp to me though it is not conclusive. What is clear is that the ref was taking no action until a Luton player pushed Maguire in the face which is a clear red in itself, but he was only booked
        Corner – linesman in a better position clearly flagged for the ball being out before keeper touched it. Probert overruled from no position to tell
        McGeouch – as clear a booking as you will ever see not given
        Nudges on the centre forward – always given to Luton in first half and never given to Wyke. Last 20 minutes (after giving the penalty where he may have decided he was wrong), he seemed to switch round and started to give us decisions and not them!
        All of the above are to illustrate his incompetence. Our own imcompetence and Luton’s ability (they are a good side) were the main causes of the draw

  2. My 2 score as opposed to 1 was because the “referee” remembered to give retrospective yellow to Luton player after half time whistle.
    6 yellow and 2 reds indicate referring incompetence rather than a dirty game which it certainly was not.

  3. I suggested a greater breakdown of the ‘Rate the Ref’ scoring which was politely refused as too much work. However, I have two further minor requests:

    1. Mr Coote be fully reinstated and replaced by Probert or
    2. A new minus score category be introduced to adequately rate Probert.

    BBC statistics claimed the Sunderland committed 21 fouls and Luton 8, resulting in 2 yellows 1 Red for Sunderland and 4 yellows and 1 red for Luton. Bit imbalanced really.

    A draw on the balance of chances was probably a fair result but Luton tactics of just falling over every time a player went near them were extremely irritating.

  4. Wyke…21st century brett angell. Both players bought with what little remaining funds we had. Both crap and both bought by crap managers, albeot we knew buxton was stopgap as opposed to being touted by know nowts as the next jose.
    6 red cards says more about mr insipids inability to exert respect and more control from his players.
    Other than looking the part on the sideline and mouthing the same old tedious platitudes what on earth does he bring to the table?

    • Brian,

      On your post on ‘Sixer’s Sevens’ you are happily lambasting contributors for blaming the Ref and then proceed to ridicule him here!!!

      You are as consistent as Probert.

  5. So far I’ve heard and read the penalty was for a trip, a shirt pull and now handball. That’s cleared that up, then. Is Wyke to centre forward play as probert is to refereeing?

  6. Years ago in the Premier Lee Probert was an appalling referee in the same mould as Kevin Fiend. He took a break from top-class officiating because of health issues I believe. Whilst not wishing him ill he should have retired then as his performance today was extremely poor and unworthy of a competitive fixture. 2 sendings-off and 6 or so yellow cards makes it seem like a bloodbath. Mr Coote would have been proud of this level of reffing.

  7. For the first time in over 50 years attending SAFC games I have no idea why a referee has given a penalty. Utterly incompetent for 95 minutes. -1 out of 10 for turning up and ruining the game for 37,000 people

    • James Hunter of the Chronicle was very critical, too, but said a replay suggests ref was right (Baldwin handball)

      • I couldn’t see why it was given either and the BBC website says it was given for a foul. Still I’ll catch the highlights in a bit.

  8. Gave a two but only because he got one or two decisions right. But he got most wrong and so inconsistent.


  9. Utterly abysmal from start to finish. Got every big decision and almost all the small ones wrong.
    At least answered my question from last week as to how Mr Coote got a premier league game. If Probert is the standard they are aspiring to then even Mr Coote needs to work on being more incompetent.

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