Sunderland’s three amigos: ‘working tirelessly’ to reconnect fans and club

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Monsieur Salut writes: it reads like an open letter and comes from Tom Lynn, a familiar figure at Sunderland games home and away as well as being the man who edited a much-missed fanzine The Wearside Roar. The sentiments are intended for ‘Brian’.

Someone whose e-mail address does appear to belong to a Brian has been writing quite regularly to Salut! Sunderland with relentlessly hostile thoughts on the new regime.

As I have said repeatedly about controversial contributors, people are fully entitled to express strong views at this site provided this is done with decency and within the laws for defamation.

Who or what is Brian? The Salut! Sunderland jury is out, but inclined to convict. A majority suspect a closet Mag. I am still not sur,e though the short correspondence I had with the owner the e-mail address in question did nothing to challenge that majority assumption.

The latest outburst from ‘Brian’ appeared as a comment on the second part of our Charlie Methven interview. The comment dismisses Stewart Donald/Charlie and Jack Ross as the ‘three amigos’ and you can see it in full at this link. Here is Tom’s response ….

I’ll call you out Brian. What are your SAFC credentials to spout such uninformed claptrap about the new owners, who you facetiously label ‘the 3 amigos’?

Only someone with an axe to grind or one of that large band of deluded, trouble spouting Magpies who seem more obsessed with how Sunderland are getting on than with their own shower of mediocrity, could verbalise their feelings in such an obviously biased way.

In my opinion, and I don’t think I am alone, people like Margaret Byrne, David Moyes and Martin Bain turned Sunderland into an absolute basket case of a football club due to gross mismanagement, and fans lost not only their hope but their pride and dignity.

Moyes achieved the impossible by emulating MackemEnemy as the worst manager in the clubs history with his arrogant, defeatist, morale-sapping “I don’t really want to be here, I’m too good for this place” attitude.

Bain was an unmitigated disaster and it’s not the first football club he has fouled up at, despite his gorgeous selection of Netflix-highlighted Rolex watches suggesting he’s a successful person [just Google ‘Martin Bain-Glasgow Rangers-controversy’]. They had predecessors in failure but these characters accelerated the demise of SAFC in a manner no one anticipated.

The new regime of Donald, Methven and Sartori, particularly Stewart and Charlie, have worked tirelessly to reconnect the fans with the club on so many levels-they have treated the fan base with respect as being football supporters themselves, they understand that we should be perceived as more than turnstile fodder and deserve to be respected and listened to.

Their attitude has been refreshing as Sunderland supporters have never felt more isolated and depressed than they did after relegation last season and something needed to be done to get them back on side and believing again. The club seemed dead on its feet.

Because of years of disappointments, cynicism still reigns in many quarters, almost understandably so, but let’s all at least give our new owners a chance as to date they have been a breath of fresh air, epitomised by improved fan relationships, the managing of the finances, and the excellent aesthetic transformation of the SoL appearance due to the club and fans working in unison on replacing the faded seats which seemed to reflect our horrendous downfall.

Jack Ross is proving an inspired appointment by them too, an eloquent, clear thinking, unflustered success to date. Yes, the football has often been laboured but there are reasons behind that.

The bottom line is that only two league games have been lost, we’ve just had a good January transfer window and our destiny is in our own hands.

Did you know Ross was the only manager Sunderland interviewed who said that failing to get promotion first time around would be classed as a big disappointment in his eyes?

That is telling. He was also far more interested in SAFC developing their own talent via the academy than other candidates.

Brian states that the players he inherited are still our best players. Brian, I give you SAFC’s leading Player of The Season to date, Jon McLaughlin, signed by whom?

As I say only time will tell but to Brian’s ‘3 amigos’ I’d say well done on everything you’ve done and achieved so far.

7 thoughts on “Sunderland’s three amigos: ‘working tirelessly’ to reconnect fans and club”

  1. At the end of last season many fans. and some pundits were warning of the possibility of a third successive relegation, such was the shattered confidence of the club.

    It is never easy to turn round a failed/failing organisation, and the fact that the club was racked with debt, over-paid players, many of whom simply didn’t want to play for Sunderland, did not help.

    I don’t profess to know the motivation of the individuals concerned, but I am happy to take them at their word, that they are focused on building the club back into a successful top level team. So far I am very impressed with how they have gone about their work.

    I think, in Jack Ross, we may well have found a really top manager – and I just hope we can keep him for at least the next few years, because I think he may become a target for so-called ” bigger ” clubs before too long [ in the same way that Eddie Howe for example is ]

  2. SAFC as it was February 2018 or SAFC as it is February 2019? Ask most supporters and they will tell you it’s a no Brianer.

  3. OK, opinions differ but this bile of Brian’s must have some first cause. If,as he says he’s a Sunderland supporter why was he not in the forefront of a campaign against the horrific situation we found ourselves in under the Short regime. There is more to this than meets the eye. Does not compute!

  4. Certainly touching some nerves.
    Born and bred fulwell.
    First game in 1963.
    Season ticket holder since 1980.
    As you are resorting to insults becaue my opinion offends it really is pointless debating with those who are clearly thin skinned.
    I refuse to buy into the look where we were a year ago clappie club.
    I refuse to go all starry eyed and wimper like a prepubescent girl at a boy band poster just because a new owner cant keep away from social media spouting ‘I love you all and other platitudes. Then he gets his usual pop on short who sold him a debt free club. Were I to be mischievous I could suggest that the backgrounds of our owners make thw assets they now own a nice little earner when they grow tired of being cheerleaders. I wont though.
    Likes of short and ashley took over clubs that were in ‘intensive care’. They both pumpwd money in and kept the club afloat when in realitu thwy were basket cases.
    We are playing football that would make pulis blush. Then again pulis teams alwats knew how to defend set pieces. The majority of new players brought in are duds. Some are wose still..injured duds.
    Dont like what I write..dont read it.

    • So, Brian, the Short regime was not to your liking, and the new one , less than a year old, is ,in your eyes ,flawed.
      I’m, as as fan from the same era as you, more positive than I have been for a long time. And enjoying this season.
      How would you like to change things ? New owner, manager ?

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