Peterborough United vs Sunderland: the stakes are high

There IS a prize and you know what it is

We did what was necessary against Doncaster Rovers. We are still masters of our own destiny. But that could change if we falter against Posh.

With so few games left, there is no further leeway. The results of others have to be matched. If they are, we go up automatically, without the ordeal of playoffs.

You tell us. How will Easter Monday go for Sunderland?

There’s the usual prize, a mug with your variation of the dressing room design as chosen by Rob Hutchison …

Peterborough fans are naturally welcome to enter. We’ll find a suitable prize should there be a Posh winner, though it won’t be posh.

Usual rules: to win, you must be the first to post the correct result and you must have a UK delivery addrsss.

Ha’way the Lads.

16 thoughts on “Peterborough United vs Sunderland: the stakes are high”

  1. Peterborough have a game in hand on Doncaster but are 4 points behind them. Realistically those two are fighting for the last play off place.

    Donny don’t play until tomorrow so the Posh will need to look for the win to put some pressure on them so could be exposed if they go on the attack. We have the players to hit them on the break but we also need to at least match Barnsley’s and Portsmouth’s scores.

    I’ll go for 6-0 to us though my head says 1-0, 2-2 or 2-1 is more realistic. It won’t be easy whatever and we might be looking at the play offs after today but with Maguire in the squad I’m hoping he’ll have a point to prove if he gets some minutes.

  2. Twas 42 years ago I watched the 7-1 demolition of Peterborough at Roker. As I wonder where time goes I’ll go for a 1-4 away win.

    • Looks like Alan and you both posted at exactly the same time Edward and even though the site holds new posters for approval they are still recorded at the time they were sent in – looks like Alan just pipped you to 1-2 by seconds assuming he is also predicting a Sunderland win.

  3. The eternal optimist says that I am confident that we are on our way and nothing else but a win will do we have not carried much luck this season so maybe it’s our time now I will go for fower nowt to the lads but to be honest any win will do and still looking forward to the Pompeii game as boy have they carried their share of the luck this season they were played off the park on Friday Burton should have won by a country mile listening to the comentry again and not for the first time this season added time relief for Portsmouth but definite revenge on Saturday Prague safc is good

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