The Accrington Stanley Guess the Score: now for the bigger prize

It is obvious enough. Time to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and put together the run we need to overtake Barnsley and leave Portsmouth and Charlton behind, says Monsieur Salut.

Of course Sunday was a great occasion and a game we all wanted to win. But promotion is – for me – by far the bigger prize.

Guess the Score.

And speaking of prizes, yes there’ll be one. No one guessed Sunday’s outcome. If I can twist 3Retro’s arm, we will carry forward the Checkatrade Trophy prize, a top from its superb range, to the Stanley game. If not, it’ll be the mug. UPDATE: arm duly twisted – the 3Retro prize remains until we next have a Guess the Score winner.

Usual rules apply: be first, be right and have a UK delivery address.

Ha’way the Lads. Catts to score in a Sunderland win?

One of those 3Retro options if you win, Click to see the range

17 thoughts on “The Accrington Stanley Guess the Score: now for the bigger prize”

  1. The eternal optimist says that there could be some tired legs out there tonight but what the hell fire in the belly to get the job done to save another penalty shootout at Wembley my kid brother has seen us six times and never seen us with at least I was there in 73 but still had a great time with some old friends and new it’s a fower nowt to the lads for me 0-4

  2. PS

    Trafalgar Square was awesome by the way, so proud of our support particularly the ‘Moon Walker’ in his underpants performing in front of the police!!!!

  3. A win any win will do……but the pitch is in an horrendous state (even Mr Barton was criticizing it) and the weather forecast is not good. Likely to be a scrappy affair, if we can keep the legs then 1-2 to Sunderland but that score is gone so its back to

    Accrington 1 – 4 Sunderland

  4. Driving to my current home in Staffordshire, after my extended stay in Sunderland pre and post Wembley, the weather on the M6 in Lancashire was hailstones, rain and snow.

    The same is predicted tomorrow.

    I predict a dreadful slog and likely abandoned game again.

    I don’t think either of our centre forwards are fit enough to play on such a pitch……

    • Allan … someone above beat you to 3-0. Mind, I hope you’re both right. You just cannot both be winners.

  5. 1-2.

    I was so close on Sunday, apart from getting Portsmouth’s score wrong. But how can I not put in. Winning score for the lads?

    Anyway I digress. One goal each half
    Catts and Onien

  6. At one point on Sunday, as I looked down from my eyrie in block 503, I thought I might win with my 4-3 prediction but the FA have this stupid penalty shoot out solution to tied games. Why not use the golden goal solution? At least then the losing side have lost as the game is played – as a team and thus there is less of a burden on the shoulders of one player who makes a mistake.
    Wednesday will be simpler, 4-3 to The Lads.

  7. BOUNCEBACKABILITY. Do we have it? Of course we do – in spades. Can’t imagine Grigg will make an appearance so it’s time for Jack Ross to invest some faith in Charlie Wyke. Also time for McGeouch to be trusted, perhaps in place of Honeyman. Catts to score first in a 3 – 0 victory.

  8. 2-0 to Sunderland, I must admit to some wishful thinking, especially after Sunday’s extra time.

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