Sixer’s Accrington Sevens: when the result matters and the team delivers it’s a good day, despite…

Pete Sixsmith gives us value for money on yet another trip across the Pennines.

He sent a pre-match text telling us he had arrived on a warm afternoon, followed that with texts commenting on woeful defending – both ours and theirs – then gave us a seven word text telling us about the first half – “Stuttered at start but superior at end”.

Then he capped this with a final seven word text as the whistle blew to set the scene for Tuesday and also for tomorrow’s match report.

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Accrington Stanley vs Sunderland Who are You? .. any Stanley fans up for questions?

Jake wants answers …

It would be an exaggeration to say Salut! Sunderland expects dozens of Stanley fans to turn up here and answer the questions below. Our Who are You? feature is in its dying days.


The death of Who are You? is a great shame – well, maybe only a small shame. It’s been fun to do, but simply too time-consuming given the modest resources of this site.

In all honesty, posting questions here in open letter format was never really likely to bring in lots of opposing fans even though they see the invitation via It just seemed worth a try; had the supporters of other clubs responded as well as did Ipswich fans, the series would be continuing.

But it hasnt happened. That has nothing to do with, for example, Accrington Stanley’s small fan base. We can tell from our internal systems data that lots of opposing fans, including some driven here by links at, visited Salut! Sunderland, have seen the open invitation to have their say. They simply chose not to respond.

So be it. But on the off chance that some Stanley devotee out there sees this and wishes to offer his or gee thoughts, here are the questions again (updated since they originally applied to the league cup game) …


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Accrington Stanley vs Sunderland: just as we were enjoying a break from football …

Yes, it’s back. Proper football, I mean, says Monsieur Salut.

Along with plenty of others, if probably still a minority, I tend to regard international breaks as weekends without football. At the very least, it’s a time to welcome not being too bothered about results.

Delighted though I am that England won against Bulgaria, and much as I hope they also beat Kosovo handsomely, I do not lose sleep over the international side’s ups and downs as I do over Sunderland. I am not in England just now and it took me a day or more to remember to check online for the Bulgaria score.

That sums up my interest in the national side though I was amused to see that here in France, they played the Andorran national anthem instead of Albania’s and then, after kickoff was delayed for the mistake to be rectified and the Albanian players assuaged, offered hearty apologies to Armenia.

Even in France, I suspect, protective labour laws and the abolition of execution by guilltoine may not be enough to stop heads rolling.

But football – for us – is back on Saturday and this is your chance to tell us, without selfish thoughts of reward, whether Sunderland will get the promotion drive back on course after the bad defeat at Posh.

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Sixer’s Sevens: Burnley beckons after comfortable win at Accrington Stanley

Jake: ‘Sixer (or his sub) does it in seven words, no more, no less – unless he miscounts’

Malcolm Dawson writes….circumstances meant I couldn’t get to Accrington this evening, which is a shame because despite the rain and the abandoned game on my last visit, this together with Rochdale, is one of the venues I was really looking forward to revisiting this year. And presumably the Stanley Chairman is still miffed with Stewart Donald as I couldn’t even pay to watch a live stream via safsee. So it was Barnes and Benno for me, accompanied by the Lancashire burr of a couple of ladies sitting immediately in front of the commentary position. 

Benno was certainly feeling more upbeat at halftime than he has been recently, and so was Pete Sixsmith, whose half time 7 read “comfortable first half with an improved performance.” Only one goal to show at the break, but at least it was in our favour this time.

One goal of course, is often never enough and as Pete’s second text said “one all after stupid penalty given away” brought a much more familiar scoreline. Aiden McGeady however obviously hadn’t read the script and put us back in front to no surprise for one of the two ladies who confessed to the listening audience “that’s why I said ‘s***’ when he came on” while Pete’s update read “wonderful goal by McGeady“. With time running out and me wondering if we might have to endure a penalty shoot out, Charlie Wyke stuck in a third and that was that. 

Pete will be dusting down his soapbox and filing his match report tomorrow but for now make do with his full time summary in just seven words.

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Accrington Stanley vs Sunderland: victory would boost confidence for the Pompey test

Jake: ‘Pkmoey’s the bigger game, but a win here would be nice’

The invitation to supporters of our Carabao Cup opponents, Accrington Stanley, to answer a few questions from Salut! Sunderland has received more or less the response we might have expected.

Not one of the hardy souls who follow “the club that wouldn’t die” has taken us up on the offer.

The questions are repeated below in case there is more enthusiasm with the game being that much closer. There isn’t much to update; Stanley’s first home game of the season was suspended because of the continuing crisis at the intended opponents, Bury, so they remain pointless.

Another invitation – to supporters of Sunderland and Ipswich to predict the outcome of Saturday’s game at Portman Road fared better.

The absence of a prize did not deter readers and the posting attracted a healthy 18 responses, though not all were entries. David Miller correctly forecast 1-1 and is probably cursing Salut! Sunderland for making it a prizeless edition.

Let’s have another go, once again for fun. Do we care too much about a league cup game? Well, clearly not as much we care about Saturday’s tough league match at home to Portsmouth, who beat us twice last season as we played each other five times (including the Checkatrade final and the play-off semis). But for those of us who want Sunderland to win every game, a strong and successful performance at the tiny Wham stadium would be welcome – and do no harm to confidence after our less than resounding start to the season.

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Accrington Stanley vs Sunderland: giving a voice to Stanley fans

Jake: ‘the League Cup – an opportunity or a nuisance?’

Salut! Sunderland maintains its idle hands new approach to the traditional Who are You? exercise ahead of Tuesday night’s visit to Accrington Stanley in the Carabao Cup (League Cup still sounds better).

Accordingly, rather than go out a search for a winning interviewee, a task that proved desperately hard last season, a shortened version of the questions we have previously asked appears below and we invite Stanley fans to respond to any or all of them in the Comments below.

This method worked excellently for yesterday’s league game at Ipswich, as acknowledged by our deputy editor Malcolm Dawson, but less well for the opener against Oxford United. Stanley’s small fan base makes a bumper response to this post unlikely but we’d love to be proved wrong. It’s your chance to have your say about your club; it means as much to you as ours does to us …

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Portsmouth then Sunderland, Ipswich, Rotherham, Peterborough and Coventry top our poll. But where are Lincoln?

On Friday we had over 3,000 visitors, followed by a quiet weekend. Not everyone took part in our top six poll  but over 1200 votes (not voters) have now been cast. That’s not bad, I suppose, for a League One fans’ site but I am expecting a few more will chip in before the season kicks off.

Early results suggest the headline I used then – for which I visited a couple of betting sites to find the promotion favourites – was on the right lines. Of the six clubs I named five are in the top spots. Lincoln (currently lingering in 8th place) are the exception with Sunderland, unsurprisingly, replacing them. There’s a gap – slight but quite evident – between the top three and the next three,  after which numbers drop off, so Lincoln and Doncaster, who made last season’s playoffs and now lie seventh, have quite a bit of ground to make up.

All of the clubs in the League received votes, which I’m taking to signify that we  managed a wide reach. It will be interesting to see if enough fans of so-called smaller clubs, which are predominantly towards the bottom of the poll, visit in large enough numbers to move their favourites upwards. Crowdwise, numbers are against them but we have only small numbers voting so you never know.

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