Accrington Stanley vs Sunderland: victory would boost confidence for the Pompey test

Jake: ‘Pkmoey’s the bigger game, but a win here would be nice’

The invitation to supporters of our Carabao Cup opponents, Accrington Stanley, to answer a few questions from Salut! Sunderland has received more or less the response we might have expected.

Not one of the hardy souls who follow “the club that wouldn’t die” has taken us up on the offer.

The questions are repeated below in case there is more enthusiasm with the game being that much closer. There isn’t much to update; Stanley’s first home game of the season was suspended because of the continuing crisis at the intended opponents, Bury, so they remain pointless.

Another invitation – to supporters of Sunderland and Ipswich to predict the outcome of Saturday’s game at Portman Road fared better.

The absence of a prize did not deter readers and the posting attracted a healthy 18 responses, though not all were entries. David Miller correctly forecast 1-1 and is probably cursing Salut! Sunderland for making it a prizeless edition.

Let’s have another go, once again for fun. Do we care too much about a league cup game? Well, clearly not as much we care about Saturday’s tough league match at home to Portsmouth, who beat us twice last season as we played each other five times (including the Checkatrade final and the play-off semis). But for those of us who want Sunderland to win every game, a strong and successful performance at the tiny Wham stadium would be welcome – and do no harm to confidence after our less than resounding start to the season.

And here, once more, are those questions for Stanley fans. For anyone interested, just used the Comment field to answer one, some or all or all as you prefer.

Question 1: Lincoln are fancied by some to do well in League One after their superb promotion season and they beat you 2-0 in the opening game. Did they play well or was it just a bad day for you?

2: You finished 14th last season and gave us a fright at the Stadium of Light. Is mid-table safety enough or can you defy the odds and climb to a higher level?

3: John Coleman has enjoyed, by current standards, two amazingly long tenures as manager. Is he still the right man for the job, and why?

4: The club that wouldn’t die and all that. Is there something special about being a Stanley supporter, with elite clubs not far away?

5: Promotion in 2017-18 must have been great. Any other major highs as a fan? And what about the lows?

6: Your thoughts on Sunderland – the club, the fans, the city and region, Jack Ross …

7: League Cup: a good opportunity or a nuisance?

8: Hand on heart, where will our two clubs finish in League One this season?

9: Will you be at the match? What is your score prediction?

10 thoughts on “Accrington Stanley vs Sunderland: victory would boost confidence for the Pompey test”

  1. I’ve won a prizeless competition. Does this win jog your memory about anything from my last correct prediction Colin?

    • Are you hinting at an overlooked prize I might owe you, Bill? It’s been known to happen. Didn’t someone predict Newcastle 1-9 Sunderland in 1908? He’s still waiting for his mug too. Jog my memory further, Bill

  2. The eternal optimist says let’s be positive a good few changes so it’s still a fower nowt to the lads for me. I understand cattermole has not found a club yet and anchiobe wants to come back to the fold why not offer both a pay per play contract we could do a lot worse !!!!

  3. Since there’s no prize, I can vote without having to promise my winner’s mug to someone else. 2-0 to us. Ross In! At least until Saturday

  4. I thought it was priceless not prizeless!!!

    My footy accumulator footy bet went down thanks to another 1-1, West Brom cost me £508 letting Milwall eqaulise…..I was sure with the Cockneys signing Luke Steele it was a banker home win.

    I’m travelling up from Staffordshire for the next 2 home games and hope to God to see the Lads show some teamwork from the first minute.

    All the best.

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