Accrington Stanley vs Sunderland: just as we were enjoying a break from football …

Yes, it’s back. Proper football, I mean, says Monsieur Salut.

Along with plenty of others, if probably still a minority, I tend to regard international breaks as weekends without football. At the very least, it’s a time to welcome not being too bothered about results.

Delighted though I am that England won against Bulgaria, and much as I hope they also beat Kosovo handsomely, I do not lose sleep over the international side’s ups and downs as I do over Sunderland. I am not in England just now and it took me a day or more to remember to check online for the Bulgaria score.

That sums up my interest in the national side though I was amused to see that here in France, they played the Andorran national anthem instead of Albania’s and then, after kickoff was delayed for the mistake to be rectified and the Albanian players assuaged, offered hearty apologies to Armenia.

Even in France, I suspect, protective labour laws and the abolition of execution by guilltoine may not be enough to stop heads rolling.

But football – for us – is back on Saturday and this is your chance to tell us, without selfish thoughts of reward, whether Sunderland will get the promotion drive back on course after the bad defeat at Posh.

Just for fun – ie no prize – use the Comments section below to say how you think the match at Accrington Stanley will go. We’e beaten them already at their place in the league cup so it’s obviously winnable. But few Sunderland fans are too naive to think that an upset is impossible. Would a cracking win silence Jack Ross’s critics? Don’t count on it. Will the deal with new owners have been done in time for the game? No idea.

Since there’s no mug or anything else up for grabs, there are no rules beyond the usual ones on decency and the law of the land.

Have a go and Ha’way the Lads.

See the French anthem debacle here or follow Malcolm’s link in Comments below …

14 thoughts on “Accrington Stanley vs Sunderland: just as we were enjoying a break from football …”

  1. 4-1 to the lads. Grigg gets all four. One left foot, one right foot, one header and a 45 yarder overhead kick. Cue another als t shirt that no one will be wearing in 6 months. Keep the faith.

  2. 0-1.
    7 disallowed before a mishit clearance 1 minute into extra time bounces off Will Grigg’s left bum cheek and trickles over the line

  3. Sunderland 4 – 1 Accrington Stanley, comfortable win and back to winning ways with fresh hope in and for Mr Ross and the squad.

  4. The eternal optimist says let’s hope the break has done us good and we go there all guns blazing the usual fower nowt to the lads for me

  5. Putting the Posh debacle down to a bad day at the office (no more this season pls) I’ll go for a 2-1 win for the lads. Time to stop mucking around.

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