Lincoln City vs Sunderland: more points on the board please, Lads

Jake: nowt for Lincoln City and three or four for SAFC would make for a good-looking scoreline’

A well-known writer
on Sunderland AFC has solemnly declared that this Saturday’s visit to Lincoln City will be the farthest south he will travel this season in the cause of following the team.

It remains to be seen whether that writer, none other than our own Pete Sixsmith, will maintain this boycott of half the country if promotion ends up being potentially sealed at, say, Burton in April. Or indeed if we return to Wembley for some reason.

How will be do at Sincil Bank?
? Everyone is raising their game against us and City will aim to be no exception.

Promoted from League Two as champions last season having lost in the playoffs but won the EFL League Trophy a year earlier, they began their first third-tier campaign in 20 years with three straight wins.

But on recent form, we must start favourites, us being hard to beat and Lincoln having lost four of the last five games, including a 6-0 home battering at the hands of Oxford United.

It would be heartening to record a big win of our own, in place of the scrappy narrow victories that have been more common, and as heartening to see our forwards among the goals and our first clean sheet in the league this season.

But any win would probably do. You tell us. Enter the scoreline below, though there is once again no prize on offer.

Ha’way the Lads.

12 thoughts on “Lincoln City vs Sunderland: more points on the board please, Lads”

  1. Sounds from Barnes and Benno as if this was a dreadful team performance against a team on a losing streak.

    Desire, heart, passion. The three qualities Benno said you need in order to win. I rely currently on their commentary so am not really qualified to demand heads to roll. But what a worrying result …

  2. I’m going for 2-1 again to the Lads

    I spent happy years between 1999 – 2007 working in Riseholme in Lincoln, but never met a Lincoln footy fan, they “supported” Man u etc.

    The pie shop halfway up Steep Hill (even steeper than South Hylton bank) is legendary, Ian McKellen popped in when filming the DaVinci Code and praised the pies.

    There are some decent pubs near the castle.

    • Cannot believe the scamming Turkish escort agency can sidestep all our security blocks and yet John McCormick’s comments are held for moderation!

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