Oxford United vs Sunderland: will we make the EFL Cup last eight?

The EFL Round of 16. We’re in it and can make the quarter finals by winning, away yet again, on Tuesday night, says Monsieur Salut.

Salut! Sunderland wants to know how you think we’ll fare at Oxford United, having previously beaten Premier League opponents Burnley and Sheffield United on their grounds. But we still cannot publish comments.

The recent site problems were resolved at a price. We have not only seen Salut! Sunderland restored to public view but, for now at least, been untroubled by that odious Turkish escort site to whose pages some articles redirected. Fingers crossed that at least one pressing issue has been fixed (but don’t tell GoDaddy if it has as they’d undoubtedly come up with a reason for charging us for it).

Rather than offer a blind as well as prizeless edition of Guess the Score, we invite readers to take one of two steps:

* post your scoreline prediction, complete with the the result of any penalty shootout, at Salut! Sunderland’s Facebook group.  Clicking on any of the preceding four words takes you there. If you are told that you need to join the group, you can do so easily and I promise approval is very quick. I will set up a post for this match at Facebook so scroll down once there and add your forecast there

* if social media is not your thing, post here as usual. It won’t appear but we’ll see it and know who was on the ball

The Sunderland I witnessed at Shrewsbury Town will not struggle to create chances but may find it as hard as they did on Saturday to convert them. Oxford, natural team of choice for our current owners, have been doing well, four wins out of the last five. It looks like a real test.

Ha’way the Lads.

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